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Given birth in Edinburgh recently?

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Rachael13 Sat 04-Aug-18 19:41:23


I’m due at the start of next year and interested in hearing about people’s experience at the Edinburgh Royal. Are the rooms private in the labour suite or do you need to use the birthing centre to get a private room? Has anyone used the birthing centre and, if so, would you recommend?

Any tips of things to prep/pack? I know it’s early but I’m a prepper!!

Thanks 🙂

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museumum Sat 04-Aug-18 19:50:37

Five years ago now but I loved loved loved the midwife led centre. It was quiet and restful and respectful and amazing. But when they had a concern about ds a paediatrician was down in a flash (not needed). Can’t praise it highly enough.

Ellboo Sat 04-Aug-18 20:01:30

Last year. Arrived very dilated and straight to private room to give birth (from 3 bed examination room). Was left there for the night because no room on ward. The ward (postnatal) when eventually got there was hell. Dark, too hot, and understaffed. Some wonderful nurses, some dragons. Previous birth in Edinburgh they moved me to birth centre postnatal ward which was brighter and more peaceful, but still one toilet for 6 women.
Would have loved to use the birth centre for birth but wasn’t possible either time (due to complications).
TLDR: everyone gets a private room to give birth then hope you get home quickly!

Ca55andraMortmain Sat 04-Aug-18 20:05:31

I had dd2 6 weeks ago at the royal. Triage was very busy when I was in and we had to wait there for three hours before being seen. They have mixed ante and postnatal wards so you could end up labouring in a room with newborns before you go to the labour ward. The staff I encountered were really lovely and kind and did everything they could to make it a positive experience for us, which it was. I agree that the ward is absolutely boiling but they a fan when I asked. I'd take food too - the meals aren't great and portions are small. Overall I had a great experience there though - no complaints!

Tilliebean Sat 04-Aug-18 20:30:45

I had an excellent experience 3 years ago and am due my second in October, so will be going back. It was really quiet the night my DD was born. I went into the midwife led unit. I had an amazing midwife and the room I laboured in was excellent. Really calm and quiet, plenty of space. It didn’t feel like a hospital.
I was in the postnatal ward for 2 nights due to trying to establish breastfeeding. Again I had amazing support, midwives were really good about helping me crack feeding. I wasn’t rushed to leave. In fact the first night I had the 4 bed room to myself!
I would agree about bringing plenty of food, they don’t provide nearly enough and it isn’t great! It’s also boiling.

Girlwiththearabstrap Sat 04-Aug-18 22:12:22

I ended up having to go to St John's in Livingston as ERI was full! But I had an overnight stay when we got readmitted after a week as I developed very high blood pressure. I found the postnatal ward fine tbh. Really nice staff, plenty of support with bf offered (although it had been established so we didn't need it). Only thing I would advise is to bring some snacks as the food was pretty terrible.

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