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Will second labour make my bladder worse?

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flightattendant Fri 01-Jun-07 07:59:54

After reading a thread below, I recalled I had a minor bladder prolapse after/during the delivery of my first baby 4 years ago.

The Dr. said it was a cystocele, just a little weakening of the bladder wall so it bulges into the vagina a bit.

He never examined me, just guessed from what I told him and said it should rectify itself within about 6 months.

TBH I forgot about it, I haven't had much of a problem - very occasional stress incontinence, mainly about halfway through this pregnancy when I had a cough. Not really had an increase in UTI's or anything but sometimes I do feel a heaviness down there.

I'm worrying that having my second child vaginally will make it worse by stretching the walls even more...has anyone found this happened to them? I don't want to be left with severe problems but with only a week to go before my due date, it seems daft to suddenly go from planned homebirth to elective C-section!!

lulumama Fri 01-Jun-07 08:18:25

don;t know!

make sure you empty your bladder regularly when in labour

keep doing the pelvic floor excercises

speak to midwife? although i would take her opinion with a pinch of salt after the last conversation you had with her !!

flightattendant Fri 01-Jun-07 08:18:34

...Probably getting in a flap about nothing...!

flightattendant Fri 01-Jun-07 08:20:24

Ah X posts Lulu, blimey you're quick off the mark this morning!! Thankyou honey.

I'm going to go and see another Dr. today, apparently he's the 'practice expert' on gynae and ob stuff - hopefully he can give me an assessment of the risks. Just want to be prepared really.

Have been a bit lazy with the Kegels so that might help...!

flightattendant Fri 01-Jun-07 08:22:40

PS have cancelled MW appt next week, can do without it I think...Hb now 9.8 so I'm not worried about going ahead with the home birth especially if the spatone keeps doing its stuff till baby arrives!

Your devotee

<<bowing in awe of Lulu's great advice>>!

lulumama Fri 01-Jun-07 08:27:46

pregnabrain Fri 01-Jun-07 15:16:00

Hello there

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I was really interested to read your post. I had quite bad bladder problems (incontinence not prolapse) after dd's birth two years ago. Things are much, much better now but of course I am terrified about the potential effect of a second preg/labour.

Have spoken to two uro-gynae consultants who have both said they would not recommend a c-section. Both have said that it's the first labour that usually does the damage, although subsequent pregnancies always put extra pressure on the pelvic floor. Don't know if that helps, but I think i'm going to go with their advice and opt for a second vaginal birth. Not that I'm even pregnant yet!!!

I'd be really interested to know what your doc says...

good luck with it all

ktmoomoo Fri 01-Jun-07 15:21:27

i got stress incontinence after my second i go to physio it helps [embarassed now]

Summerfruit Fri 01-Jun-07 15:25:27

Message withdrawn

flightattendant Fri 01-Jun-07 16:05:07

Hi ladies!

Pregnabrain, thanks so much, that's really helpful to know it's usually the first time that causes the trouble...I hope things won't be so difficult to get a baby out through this time, iyswim! so it might not have any effect.

I'm sorry, I didn't go to the Dr this morning after mother told me I was being overanxious and I ended up feeling like I'd be wasting his time, so cancelled.

However am due next week, so will try and post back afterwards to let you know what happened!
Nice to get shot of the C/S idea too that was reassuring.

Ktmoo - thanks for sharing, so many of us have these issues and nothing to be ashamed of

Summer - how are you feeling babe? I'm very glad your Dr is so hopeful after you were so scared last week. I hope he is right and things will get back to normal, it is the last thing you need after having a baby to care for as well, isn't it?!

(Give little Elodie a kiss from me, is she doing well? x)

mylittlefreya Fri 01-Jun-07 16:42:07

The research (will find you a link if you want) shows that prolapse/ bladder problems are largely caused by the pregnancy, rather than labour or delivery.

On that count it's a bit late now! - so I hope you have a wonderful homebirth!

ktmoomoo Fri 01-Jun-07 17:35:56

saw and nearly wet myself laughing excuse the pun

ktmoomoo Fri 01-Jun-07 17:37:45

try this

ktmoomoo Fri 01-Jun-07 17:39:27

sorry didnt work

pregnabrain Sat 02-Jun-07 14:55:47

Best of luck with it all!

Am . Despite all the problems the first time, I can't wait to do it all again.

Don't feel that you will be wasting your doc's time by asking about it, though. Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to be worried about!

miniegg Sat 02-Jun-07 16:53:03

i have been very worried about this issue (it's my first baby) as I have a rubbish bladder (need the loo all the time, rather than leaking.) i was referred to an obs to discuss it and he claimed that pregnancy did as much/more damage to the pelvic floor than the actual childbirth bit.
I was not convinced and went away and did more research, reading a specialist book on the subject. The book gave a lot of evidence that it is the first pregnancy and childbirth that does the worst damage, so hopefully you'll be okay!
also there is siginficant evidence that caesarians don't necessarily prevent incontinence problems linked to pregnancy/childbirth. Apparently after two caesarians your pelvic floor is as good/bad as it would have been after one vaginal birth...basically i concluded that there were no guarantees, and the only thing I could really do to protect myself is lots of pelvic floor exercises..

pregnabrain Tue 05-Jun-07 14:16:53

What you're saying chimes exactly with what I've been told by the consultants I've seen, miniegg.

I'd love the name of the book you read, if you can remember it.

Many congratulations on your pregnancy. If you're concerned about your bladder, make sure you get referred to a specialist continence physio straight after your baby is born. I had this at my local hospital and she was fab. She taught me exactly how to do the exercises and I think that really helped.

best of luck

Summerfruit Tue 05-Jun-07 14:28:47

Message withdrawn

flightattendant Tue 05-Jun-07 15:00:17

Hey Summer! Thanks so much sweetie, that is very good to hear and I'm relieved for you that things seem to be back to normal...really good news. How is baby doing?

Nothing happening here yet, 4 days to go!

FA xx

pregnabrain Tue 12-Jun-07 16:02:26

bumping for that book title from Miniegg

flightattendant Thu 14-Jun-07 13:04:40

Just an update, as gave birth 2 days far no problems at all with bladder, though baby was OP so took ages to push out.
It was all very rushed and furious but only tore a tiny bit and my bladder doesn't feel any different, big relief, hope that reassures some of looks like it is maybe the first one / just the actual first pregnancy that does the damage, or could have been that I was lying down with an epidural last time which made it happen.

Good luck to all and thankyou for those who reassured me before!!

flightattendant Thu 14-Jun-07 13:05:38

Ps was upright (kneeling on heels) this time without medication. If that might have helped.

lulumama Thu 14-Jun-07 13:06:36

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs for fa and baby fa)))))))))))))))))))))

mwah mwah !

pregnabrain Thu 14-Jun-07 21:33:54

Congratulations flightattendant!

Really happy for you - both for your new little bubba and for your intact bladder...

Certainly gives me hope and encouragement.

miniegg Sat 16-Jun-07 17:30:24

hi, sorry pregnabrain, not been on mumsnet for a while!
The book is called "Ever Since I had my baby - understanding, treating, and preventing the most common physical after- effects of pregnancy and childbirth." It's by an American obstetrician, Roger Goldberg.
It sounds horribly complicated but it is actually very readable. It is not aimed at medical professionals, but at women who are worried about these issues and want to know the facts and research. It is a great book as it's not biased - it just presents you with the evidence and lets you make up your own mind. You can get it on Amazon.
good luck

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