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Early 'elective' c-section

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Bibijayne Mon 30-Jul-18 14:58:38

I've been having a rough third trimester. I have gestational diabetes and obstetric cholestasis. The later has seen me have two five-day inpatient stays in July because of derranged liver results.

Baby will arrive by or before 37 weeks I've been told (34+3 today).

Because of the toll on my physical health recently (I've lost over 25lbs over the third trimester) and pre-existing mental health issues, I've been told that there will be intervention if labour is taking more than a few hours. This is baby number one.

Based on this, if I go for an induction there is a near certainty that it will end in an emergency C-section.

I'd rather just go straight to the c-section, but I think some of the consultants are still a bit vague about this. Apparently my NHS trust is not a fan of early C-sections.

Thing is, it's not a true 'elective' it's a sensible option based on current health issues and pregnancy complications.

How do I pin them down to a date?

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elliejjtiny Wed 01-Aug-18 19:10:39

I think it would be difficult to get a definite date. I had an early "elective" section too and I found it was very much a see how it goes and changing plans at the last minute mind of thing.

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