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Constipation before c section

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SamanthaH92 Sat 14-Jul-18 21:58:27

I'm due to have a c section next week. I've had 15 days of bad diarrhea and very soft bowel movements (sorry for the tmi) tosay i am now constipated and desperate to go but i can't and i don't want to strain to much. Anyone been constipated before a section? I have midwife tomorrow so will ask then also

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SamanthaH92 Sat 14-Jul-18 23:09:24

Any One?

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endofthelinefinally Sat 14-Jul-18 23:12:24

Glycerine suppositories.
Both gentle and should work without straining.
Are you sure you need to go and aren't just "empty"?

endofthelinefinally Sat 14-Jul-18 23:13:19

You could start movicol now if you have a week to get sorted out.

SamanthaH92 Sat 14-Jul-18 23:16:02

I have 4 days. Yes i do need to go i just can't. One extreme to the other really. I drink so much water as well so didn't expect this x

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Confidenceknocked Sat 14-Jul-18 23:18:36

Ive been constipated after and it was not a nice experience - make sure you sort it prior to the section.

I actually took caster oil in the end to get mine moving (post baby obvs and in desperation at everything else) and it worked but I’m not recommending it as I know caster oil isn’t supposed to be recommended for anything now.

chickedychicked Sat 14-Jul-18 23:21:16

I would definetly sort it before the c sec as I've had bad bad constipation after both c sections and it felt like I was trying to give birth after just having had a c sec.
The most painful constipation ever.
Ask your midwife for advice as to what you can take, o woudlnt want to recommend anything in case you can't whilst pregnant

chickedychicked Sat 14-Jul-18 23:22:05

I said c section far too many times in the first sentence, sorry.blush

SamanthaH92 Sat 14-Jul-18 23:36:31

I've previously had a c section but was defiently not constipated before and wasn't much after either. Although it did take a few days to go. I will ask tomorrow. I also feel like I'm getting thrush inside my vagina sorry tmi again!! I'm 38+4 weeks today so didn't want any of this lol x

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SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 10:25:39

Rang midwives. They said they cannot tell me to take anything and to try warm orange juice and cereal! The only person that can recommened something is a gp 😞

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endofthelinefinally Sun 15-Jul-18 10:34:25

Do not have high roughage cereal.
I can tell you from personal experience that all this does is create a massive blockage that would take Dynorod to shift. Not what you need post op, believe me.

Movicol is good for keeping things soft and moving. Drink lots of fluids.

LostMyBaubles Sun 15-Jul-18 10:36:28

Lactulose is safe during pregnancy, I wad prescribed it a 24weeks.
You can buy otc too

SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 10:53:07

Thanks ladies. I'm currently drinking prune juice mixed with orange juice 🤢 its hurrendous!! She said I'm probably dehydrated because of the heat, i know I'm definetly not dehydrated though

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SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 10:55:35

I did think it was strange her saying to eat stuff i would normally eat to bung me up so to speak

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Jackreacherswife Sun 15-Jul-18 11:01:29

Can you take fibogel, I think I got that during late stage of pregnancy. But you definitely need it sorting before section it's not comfy on scar trying to strain after

endofthelinefinally Sun 15-Jul-18 11:03:33

I went to a vegan restaurant with a friend recently.
We had a lovely meal consisting of mostly beans and salad.

Oh my goodness...

The next day I had to stay close to the loo all day. It was extraordinary. blush

SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 11:07:53

She mentioned the gp would be able to prescrive fibogel? But said that its just like water so to get drinking. I don't know how they can say its because i don't drink enough i drink about 3 litres a day of water.

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SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 11:45:39

Almost an hour after drinking 1 glass of fresh orange and prune juice, plus another glass of prune just for "just in case" i am now having horrible cramps and have managed to go a bit. But my god do my guts hurt. I never expected it to work so fast

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SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 13:14:21

Can i just say this prune juice and the orange juice is lethal. I regret drinking it so much!

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Icklepickle101 Sun 15-Jul-18 19:42:16

I’ve got my c section Tuesday and feeling a bit constipated the last few days. I’ve been having lactulose which has really helped (and quickly too!) good luck!

SamanthaH92 Sun 15-Jul-18 20:19:26

@icklepickle101 the prune and orange juice worked a little to well. Good luck for your c section x

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