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Midlands/ Birmingham - Consultants who happy to discuss options

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DeanaWinchester Wed 11-Jul-18 13:51:31

Hi all

Not currently pregnant but looking at trying... I've had huge fears around childbirth and the follow up bodily changes and issues, hence postponed for a while but both really want children and don't see surrogacy being available in time over here!!

I want to work with a team who are really happy to discuss options and take your views on board. I don't want to have a huge battle if once I've reviewed it all I feel that a C section is best for me for example (please no pro/con discussions, I've got all the info!) that they not only respect, but support that decision.

All I seem to hear is loads of people fighting for weeks to get listened too and causing loads of stress which is unnecessary at that time so if anyone in Midlands/Birmingham area able to recommend a hospital/consultant/team i'd be really grateful ... Just knowing there are some will help ease my nerves at this stage.


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giraffelovesbaking Thu 02-Aug-18 00:03:45

Im currently pregnant with my first and pushes for a elcs. I originally wanted a water birth, but with complications due to spd and then being told I have strep b wanted a section. I found the hospital team at Solihul great, the consultant was blunt and answered my questions without sugar coating (i liked this approach, i wanted to know worse case scenario to make sure i could plan). I then moved house and began seeing the consultant at Good Hope Sutton Coldfield. The first consultant was terrible, rude, tried to tell me i was too young to make this decision (im 20), kept saying to research more and then discuss the option again at my 34 week check up (2 weeks later, i knew what i wanted and the reasons why). At the 34 week appointment i saw a different consultant, she was amazing! Id been panicking thinking i would have to fight for the section, but she immediately understood from the previous consultants notes why it was neccasary and even said it would be likely if i tried vaginal birth that i would end up with emcs anyway! The support of my midwife has been great through the whole proccess and ive now got my section booked for nexr Tuesday! If you aren't happy with the consultant you see, my midwife said you can request someone different or more senior and they have to provide it. I think they will always ask why you want a section but just stick to your guns and make sure its recorded in your notes so that anyone you see can see its not because you want the baby out sooner, but because you have thought about your options and this is the best way for you!

Hope this helps xx

MrSpock Thu 02-Aug-18 08:46:15

I had an ELCS under Dr Cathy Rhodes, Good Hope hospital. There was no fight, and they were great about it.

I was 20 and no one was rude about my age, although I think I got judgemental looks from some labour ward staff lmao.

giraffelovesbaking Thu 02-Aug-18 13:27:33

Mr Spock

Do you mind me asking how long ago you had your section? I wanted to have mine at Good Hope, but was told that it would have to be Heartlands as they only do emergency at Good Hope. But if I go into labour before the date then I can have the section at Good Hope.

MrSpock Thu 02-Aug-18 13:53:26

Three years ago. They don’t do it now, it is Heartlands for planned sections. Heartlands is a good hospital, same surgeons.

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