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Baby presenting tachycardia and birth options

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LunaNightSky Wed 11-Jul-18 11:05:22

I'm currently 35 +5 last Friday I was admitted due to dehydration which set off early labour and contractions and they said baby had tachycardia (heart rate too fast at 200, should be between 130-160)

They gave me fluids and managed to calm everything down but wanted me in for a scan on Monday. During the scan the baby's heart rate went up to 200 again however, I think baby does not like being examined or scanned and this could be the cause as it calmed down back to 130 after 30 mins of monitoring. This has been the case on both occasions now.

I had my sights on a water birth but I think this may be not possible now. Has anyone else experienced tachycardia and been allowed a water birth or were you induced and managed? I really wanted a quiet birth and of course I will do what is best for the baby but would like to know the options/ others experiences.

I'm seeing the consultant next week so any experiences would really help with questions I think I should ask.

Thank you 😊

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