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Nipple stimulation to induce labour...any experiences?

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SK166 Sat 07-Jul-18 23:36:41

Hit 41 weeks today and getting increasingly desperate to avoid the induction I've been booked in for on Friday.

Thought I'd give the nipple stimulation a go! Gave it a good go for about 15 mins and it seems to make baby move like crazy, giving me those delightful stabby-cervix pains from her headbutting (!), and I get a ton of colostrum (hopefully that's a good sign for feeding!) but don't feel anything happening in terms of contractions/tightenings etc.

Anyone think it's worth continuing?

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Gemsie1984 Sun 08-Jul-18 00:16:03

Yep! With my second I tried nipple stimulation. I was 6 miserable days over & had a bath and hand expressed each side for about 15 minutes. Convinced nothing was going to happen.. got into bed.. woke up at 11:40 for the toilet and had my first contraction mid wee.. be warned though they were strong and close together from the beginning (2-3 minutes) but it resulted in a relatively quick labour..

SK166 Sun 08-Jul-18 12:07:22

I guess I’ll keep trying it then! No contractions so far but have lost more plug this morning so maybe that’s a good sign?! Being overdue in this weather is so miserable.

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gigglywiggle Sun 08-Jul-18 19:45:35

It worked for me. I started at 38+4 twiddled everytime I woke up overnight. Regular tightenings all night. Nothing at all in the day, did the same the next night, then on the third night the tightenings hurt more, I realised that they kept going even when I stopped twiddling. Had a longer Labour than my second (probably not really ready but it was slow and gentle not fast and furious) all in all got him out before he got as big as his brother which was the reason for trying to bring it on earlier. grin

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