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Second degree tear

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AJlove Mon 02-Jul-18 20:11:02

Little boy born 22/06/2018... and I have one rather bad 2nd degree tear inside my hole. It's painful! The grazes don't burn when I pee anymore thank god but I just feel bruised and generally sore. Sitting hurts, walking hurts... when does it get better!!? Felt like she was stitching me up forever!

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Havetothink Tue 03-Jul-18 18:57:42

Give it a couple of weeks for the worst of it, after about 10 days (give or take) the stiches tighten and it was quite uncomfortable, but then they fall out and it was a huge relief. Still sore for a while after but definitely better once the stitches have gone.

BoBo90 Thu 05-Jul-18 20:49:48

I also had a second degree tear and found it painful to walk and sit in the first few days until a midwife checked me over and got me some antibiotics as she believed I was at risk of infection. As soon as I started taking them I had instant relief! Although as the above poster mentioned some stiches felt a bit tight toward the two week mark it didn't hurt to move about like before.
I would go and get checked by midwife or doctor just in case you have an infection. You need to get it sorted asap if that's the case.

Oh and congratulations on the birth of your little one!

Lightning88 Fri 06-Jul-18 09:27:15

With my first I had a second degree tear and episiotomy.

I was walking and no longer feeling pain after ten days smile Get some plain bath salts and bathe in the morning and evening. Also, dab some witch Hazel on your maternity pads when you change them. Feels soothingly and helps with healing.

Just had my second and I tore again along my episiotomy line, but it's alot more manageable this time.

Also, donut pillows are your new best friend!

Megglou Thu 12-Jul-18 21:55:36

I experienced the same tear and grazes. Being cleaned up and stitched up was, in my opinion, genuinely more painful than the actual labour. The sensitivity was sending my reflexes insane! I felt sore for about 3 weeks and all of a sudden realised it didn't hurt when I sat/walked got in and out of bed. Ibuprofen sometimes took the edge off for me but the pain was so bad at times I was convinced of an infection and went to the doctors.. but all was fine! Friends told me hot water bottles worked for them but I never actually got round to trying it having a new born and all haha. Hope it sorts itself soon!

AJlove Mon 16-Jul-18 22:41:49

@Megglou you know what I think yesterday was the first day I thought ooo I'm not in pain! So I got a mirror and finally inspected the dreaded area and it looks almost healed! Your right about being stitched honestly the stitching and the recovery of the stitches is worse than birth! If I have a second I'll dread the aftermath of birth rather than the birth itself! lol

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Megglou Mon 16-Jul-18 22:46:21

@AJlove glad it's clearing up for you! It took me days to build up the courage to have a look in the mirror as I really didn't want to look. I wasn't sure it would look normal ever again but I'm 3 months down the line now and it's fine 🤣

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