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Whoever said second labours are quicker was lying!

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cantthinkattheminute Sat 30-Jun-18 17:52:13

Anyone any tips for speeding up slow labour? Did labour was under 8 hours start to finish. Currently 39+ weeks with second. Went to mlu unit last night at 9pm after contractions started at 4ish. They were coming every 2-3minutes and lasting 45seconds. When I was examined I was 2cm and sent home. Contractions have com3 and gone since. What Can I do to speed things up?

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MrsBartlettforthewin Sat 30-Jun-18 18:04:08

Bounce on your ball. Drink lots of water. Have sex.

Sorry things are being so rubbish but at least you know you're on your way. thanks

Levithecat Sun 01-Jul-18 07:53:43

Agree, bounce or dance around a bit, keep on your feet, tonnes of water. Deep breathing down into your bump, inagine your cervix opening etc.m. You may surprise yourself and speed up very quickly. Know it’s hard After a fairly rapid first labour. Good luck!

cantthinkattheminute Sun 01-Jul-18 11:00:40

Tried all that. Things have slowed away down. Trying to stay relaxed!

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Levithecat Sun 01-Jul-18 14:16:35

Hope things start speeding up for you, cant.

MrsBartlettforthewin Sun 01-Jul-18 18:25:51

When do you next see your midwife? Though sadly at this point it is just a waiting game which I know isn't helpful but maybe try and do some things that you won't be able to do for a while once the baby is here: nice meal out, hair cut, pamper etc.

MrsBartlettforthewin Fri 06-Jul-18 16:38:59

How you doing OP? Hoping you're having lots of new born cuddles.

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