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Induction but no epidural allowed.

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Twickerhun Thu 28-Jun-18 16:57:33

I was recently induced. I had my waters artificially broken and was on a drip for 4 hours. I asked the midwives at al the different stages what my pain relief options were and they all said gas and air or cocodamol. I said I’d heard that it was ‘normal’ to have an epidural when on the drip and I’d like one, and they all replied I wouldn’t need one, shouldn’t want one, would be fine without.
I delivered without an epidural in just over 6 hours after starting the drip and just with gas and air. but I’m confused about why I wasn’t offered an epidural having asked for one.
Any ideas?

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InNeedOfALieInNow Thu 28-Jun-18 17:03:11

It’s a question for the midwives. Ask for a debriefing. Unfortunately it seems sometimes women need to be very stubborn/demanding to get answers or what they are asking for in labour

Twickerhun Thu 28-Jun-18 17:05:19

Ok thanks.
It’s quite a vulnerable time to have to be assertive. But now I’m past it I’ll ask.

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TryingToForgeAnewLife Thu 28-Jun-18 17:21:48

I was induced with both mine and only had gas and air because l could cope with tge pain. Was you coping ok?

Twickerhun Thu 28-Jun-18 17:23:49

Ok thanks.
It’s quite a vulnerable time to have to be assertive. But now I’m past it I’ll ask.

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Twickerhun Thu 28-Jun-18 17:24:30

I coped early on but not in the last hour. It’s put me off having anymore children ever.

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Dreamingofkfc Thu 28-Jun-18 20:51:24

Was there an issue with your platelets? They should have said why epidural wasn't an option. Maybe the anaesthetist was busy?

Outbackshack Thu 28-Jun-18 20:55:37

I was also refused epidural...I think because no one to administer plus a complete lack of midwives. The pain compared to my non induced birth of other ds was horrific. I felt ignored and was very upset. I would request a debrief but sadly I believe this is quite common

MaggieFS Thu 28-Jun-18 21:06:14

As I understand it, they take about 20 minutes to set up, and another 20 minutes to take effect, so being able to tell at what stage in labour you were, perhaps they knew there wasn't much point.

That said though, if you were asking, you should have received a satisfactory reply, so definitely worth asking for a debrief.

Wowzel Thu 28-Jun-18 21:07:52

I was induced with the drip after having my waters broken, the midwife looking after me pretty much insisted on an epidural being sited before she would start the drip (although if I'd really wanted to I could have said start it without). I had it running for about 10 hours in the end.

When it came to push the day midwife let the epidural wear off so I could feel the contractions and I have never felt anything so awful in my life. She was back to back and sideways and no hope of pushing her out.

I have never forgiven her for that, and I haven't forgiven her for turning the drip up past the recommended maximum dose even after I told her not to. I eventually had a EMCS.

As long as your platelets were ok and there were no medical contraindications you should have been given the epidural you asked for and the midwife shouldn't have kept fobbing you off.

sparklepops123 Thu 28-Jun-18 21:13:06

In my experience (x 3) you can only have a epidural at a certain point , sounds like you delivered quite quick ?

TryingToForgeAnewLife Thu 28-Jun-18 21:17:26

With only an hour to go until delivery then l would say you were to advanced in labour.

I had my water's broke and drip commenced .... and then they decided to say that l could only have paracetamol and gas n air for pain due to an excisting medical condition. Thank goodness l coped ok!

hungryhippie Thu 28-Jun-18 21:20:48

I couldnt due to a platelet issue and compared to my first (none epidural) birth, the pain was disgustingly bad. Absolute agony.

IdLikeABiscuitPlease Thu 28-Jun-18 21:39:54

I was induced and had my waters artificially broken.

I then was put on the drip. I asked for an epidural and was told I'd be fine without it.

I told them under no circumstances was I delivering a baby without an epidural. I wouldn't let them turn the drip up until they did it.

Midwife tried for a good ten minutes to get me to at least attempt without, I told her unless someone was going to throw me a party and award me £20,000 for going through the pain of labour, then I'd be having an epidural before I even experienced an ounce of pain.

Minutes later, it was put in grin

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