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What name is on baby's wristband/documents?

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tipillie Thu 28-Jun-18 16:38:18

Sorry this might seem a bit trivial..
When you have your baby, is it the case that the hospital use the mother's surname? I am divorced (4yrs) but kept my ex's surname for various reasons but don't intend to get married any time soon to my DP (with whom I'm having a baby in Oct). Freaking out now that my baby will start it's life with my ex's name and considering deed poll name change... Am I being ridiculous.. will the hosp let us use his surname??

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MagicFajita Thu 28-Jun-18 16:41:54

It will say "baby" then your surname.

Change your name before the birth is my advice.

Twickerhun Thu 28-Jun-18 16:43:30

We were asked what name baby would have. That name was on its wrist band along with mine. Tell them what name your child is having

MagicFajita Thu 28-Jun-18 16:43:31

And no deed poll is needed. Get a passport in your maiden name then use it.

Orangedaisy Thu 28-Jun-18 16:44:36

Our hospital gave us an extra set of wristbands with the baby’s name on (ie not mine) and the paperwork all for it crossed out and right name written in once we were home. I would want baby and I to have same name in hospital whether or not it’s the baby’s correct name, it’s done on purpose to avoid mum and baby being separated.

Tomboytown Thu 28-Jun-18 16:44:36

The hospital will use your surname unless you tell them otherwise.
What is on baby's wrist has no bearing on what will be on his birth certificate.

GinIsIn Thu 28-Jun-18 16:49:43

What’s on the baby’s wrist is just used to make it match to your info should they need to take the baby away for any reason - it has no bearing on the baby’s name going forward.

Thurlow Thu 28-Jun-18 17:02:15

Your surname, I believe it is so they can tie the baby to you i.e. patient B belongs to patient A.

So yes, while it has no bearing to its name going forward because there's no "name" until you register the birth, for keepsakes and photos and the like it would say your ex's surname

tipillie Thu 28-Jun-18 17:38:16

Yes it's the photos/keepsakes thing I'm worried about... thanks ladies.. might do the deed poll thing as have been considering it anyway...

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jellyandsoup Thu 28-Jun-18 17:40:49

The baby's wristband must match the name on yours and on you hospital notes so make sure you change your name in good time with the hospital too

MagicFajita Thu 28-Jun-18 18:47:48

There's really no need for a deed poll name change. It's your name , you just need some solid ID with that name on it to prove that you are using it.

purywl Thu 28-Jun-18 18:57:54

They also write it on the baby book the red one you get to record all the baby's measurements going forward so it's best to change your name

StruggsToFunc Thu 28-Jun-18 20:14:43

You could simply revert to your unmarried name with no need for a deed poll - I think your decree absolute is considered sufficient evidence.

I’m not sure why you’d change your surname to that of your DP without getting married?

AJlove Sat 30-Jun-18 10:53:05

Baby's wrist band matches mothers surname. My partner was a bit confused why he had my surname and asked them. When you get out of hosp the midwife will ask when doing his heal prick his surname

Gemsie1984 Sun 01-Jul-18 19:57:38

My sons said "infant of..." and then my name, his date and time of birth and his hospital number.

laelti Thu 05-Jul-18 23:01:37

All the hospital/ paperwork and wristband had him as Baby MySurname - including the front page of his red book which they filled in, though they left a massive space between his first name and my surname, and put it in brackets.

I assumed it was standard to use whatever name the mum was admitted under/on her notes to keep you tied together.

BigCarrot Thu 05-Jul-18 23:11:25

I got asked what name he was having then he had a tag on one foot with his name and one on other foot of my name, his name tag also had my name on too so I suppose they all do it differently. But they asked when filling out paperwork what name he will go by they don't just assume as plenty of people would use the fathers name on registration. Just be clear when they do his paperwork what name you would like on there.

zerozerooneone Thu 05-Jul-18 23:13:43

I've just checked DD's wristband. It was Baby girl of(my name).
If it's the same in your hospital then that's factually correct so shouldn't be a problem.

dinosaurkisses Sat 07-Jul-18 19:15:55

DD’s wristband said Infant A Mysurname - I didn’t change my name when married.

In the nicest possible way, don’t change your name to your DP’s by deedpoll for the sake of a memento which will be rarely looked at.

katienana Sat 07-Jul-18 19:19:29

Mine said Infant Male of My Name.

Icklepickle101 Sat 07-Jul-18 22:52:53

Mine said ‘baby boy of surname’ on his wristbands. Can’t remember the paperwork

hoping2018 Mon 13-Aug-18 11:11:17

Baby then your surname

My sisters baby was in NICU for a while and she had named the baby by them. so it was then baby name and then my sisters surname even though my sister repeatedly said the baby would have the father's surname - the hospital won't acknowledge that unless here is a birth certificate and officially registered.

Cheesenacho123 Mon 13-Aug-18 11:18:29

Whatever surname is on your medical records they will give as the baby’s surname until you keep or change at the registration of his birth.

It really annoyed me because my HV wrote in my sons red book and put my surname through out yet she didn’t ask if I had planned to give him his dads surname (not married) and so his red book is a mess of having to draw a line through my surname and write his dads surname next or above it because that’s what he’s legally known as now rather than my surname.

MrsSnootyPants2018 Mon 13-Aug-18 11:31:19

The hospital will match it to your surname so they can match the baby up to the parent if it has to be taken off for test etc.

You'll need to change you surname before or just accept it.

MrsSnootyPants2018 Mon 13-Aug-18 11:32:32

Also you don't have to use ex's surname on BC. It's just to match you up in hospital.

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