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Having my baby at St Georges

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yellow Fri 13-Aug-04 09:55:05

I am having my baby next January at St Georges Hospital in Tooting and wondered if anyone had recently had their baby there and could give me some feedback on how good/bad it is as I have recently heard some bad stories and am thinking I have made the worng choice of hospitals.

lydialemon Fri 13-Aug-04 10:13:58


Sorry, although I should have gone to St Georges I opted to travel up to St Thomas to have mine so I have no direct experience of the maternity services. The people I do know who had kids there have only grumbled about the usual things, understaffing, not too great aftercare etc which seems to be normal for a London hospital I'm afraid! I've used other services at St G's though and I've always been happy with them.

I'd rather go to St Georges than Mayday.

Whereabouts do you live yellow?

Twiglett Fri 13-Aug-04 10:19:39

message withdrawn

dinny Fri 13-Aug-04 10:20:38

Yellow, I had dd at St George's two years ago and having another one there soon. Found the medical care superb. It's not the smartest hospital in the world but makes up for that in other ways. Postnatal wards aren't that nice but think that's a pretty universal complaint. Are you under a community midwive team? Mine has been fantastic.

dinny Fri 13-Aug-04 10:21:54

Twiglett, was going to post that too - fantastic neonatal unit there.

Cadbury Fri 13-Aug-04 10:29:29

I had my dd there 3.5 years ago, and as with the others, I found the community midwives excellent and the labour suite pretty good too. The post natal wards were awful but they were at the medway where I had ds 1 year ago. Although we didn't have to use it, I'm reliably told that the neonatal unit is fantastic.

Twiglett Fri 13-Aug-04 10:32:21

message withdrawn

Sari Fri 13-Aug-04 11:53:01

I've had two babies there and have no complaints about either time. The second time was a really excellent experience thanks to the fantastic community midwife (Karen) - she was the only person who came near me through the whole of labour and she was amazing. I had the choice of putting a sticker or something on my notes which meant that when I arrived at hospital they would call the community midwife on duty from the team I'd seen throughout the preganancy. If that's an option for you, I'd recommend it (provided you've liked the midwives you've both seeing).

First time was not so great in retrospect although at the time I felt fine about it. I had two midwives and they were both lovely.

Both times I left asap (about 12 hours later 1st time, 6 hours second) so can't tell you much about the aftercare. First time round I did feel I'd been left to sink or swim a bit - arrived on ward at early morning shift change, no-one came near me etc. I know there was an option of a room to yourself for not very much money if they weren't being used.

I would definitely go back to St Georges without a second thought. Hope it works out for you too.

Sari Fri 13-Aug-04 11:53:53

By the way, my children were born 4 and 2 years ago.

Cadbury Fri 13-Aug-04 11:54:59

Karen looked after me with dd too. Care delivered her though. Such lovely people. I was quite worried about having ds without them! I half considered lurking around St Georges at my due dat with ds so they'd have to take me there!

Cadbury Fri 13-Aug-04 11:55:31

Sorry, that was Clare (Clarice) who delivered dd.

Aero Fri 13-Aug-04 12:06:45

Can't speak for it myself, but know loads of people who've said it was great in terms of having your baby there.

dinny Fri 13-Aug-04 13:00:13

Think labour/postnatal wards have just had a refurb too, if that sounds tempting...
My community midwives will hopefully deliver me there too, like Sari says.

Heathcliffscathy Fri 13-Aug-04 13:16:33

I tried for a home birth and ended up at St Georges...had a midwife called lisa nesbit (i think!) who was absolutely gorgeously wonderful, consulted me and dh every step of the way, and the birth was as close to how we wanted it as it could be....
however, it is not clean, and they have a bad rep for superbug (tell your mum/sis/dh to get their gloves on and the dettox out!)...

i would say the care was great but the environment left something to be desired...

daviesel Fri 08-Aug-08 17:02:36

Hi I was under St George's for my first child in 2003 - the Fetal Medicine Unit is first rate and detected my son's heart condition at only 18 weeks pregnant (they have top detection rates)

I have chosen to go back to St George's again for birth of no. 2 in December. I haven't regretted the decision - I've had top class care with 5 scans, lovely midwives, and superb physio arranged by midwife for my back pain.

A friend has just had a waterbirth in the Carmen suite at George's and is raving about it so I quite fancy giving it a go! I would always choose the specialist medical care, skills and facilities of St. George's (it is a teaching hospital)over any frilly edges of other hospitals - I think St. George's has had a refurb - haven't had my tour yet but not fussed either way as hopefully won't be in for long

micegg Fri 08-Aug-08 20:25:57

Had DD there nearly 3 years ago. No complaints they were great.

madcol Fri 08-Aug-08 20:32:36

I had DS at St George's 2006 and went back this year ot formally complain to the Consultant about my treatment. They told me that at the time they were extremely understaffed and that this has now been addressed.
I think the problems there and likely to be the same problems encountered anywhere in London or indeed any city. The throughput and busyness of the unit is the problem. If you need special baby care it is fantastic however.

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