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Last child free evening

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Zcarter Mon 18-Jun-18 16:49:13

I am getting induced in 7days time at 38+ 4 as baby is measureing in the 97th centile. I was just wondering what to do the day before and if any one has any ideas. I was thinking have a pamper day do hair tan brows and face mask. Then cinema and meal with my partner as a final date night. Anyone else have any other ideas xx

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IchFliegeNach Mon 18-Jun-18 18:44:00

We went to the cinema and out for dinner and it was lovely! And we didn't do that again for quite some time!

Zcarter Mon 18-Jun-18 19:10:37

That’s what we are thinking and to take my mind off from being induced as I am terrified xxx

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imsconequeen Mon 18-Jun-18 19:11:42

Are you being induced because of the 97%tile?


DumbledoresSocks Mon 18-Jun-18 19:12:48

Great idea, enjoy it! And lots of sleep!

Zcarter Mon 18-Jun-18 19:41:13

Yes it’s strange tho i have moved across the country measureing 97% all the way threw last hospital weren’t to bothered but my new hospital thought it was for the best.

Tbh I am Terrified of hospitals so in a way having a date has really helped xx

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Notlostjustexploring Mon 18-Jun-18 19:49:50

I think we just mooched in the house and enjoyed each other and the serenity.

Take your own pillow, magazines and a well charged kindle and tablet. In my experience, inductions are frankly more boring than anything else!

TroubledLichen Mon 18-Jun-18 19:52:49

Just remember no nail polish or fake nails if your pamper day includes a mani/pedi. If you have a c-section they will need to see your nail beds, it’s apparently something to do with oxygen flow. Your day sounds fab though, hope you manage to relax and enjoy it grin

arbrighton Mon 18-Jun-18 21:04:20

I was induced for similar reasons but to be honest this time last year it was so hot and I was so uncomfortable I don't think we did much at all

mustbemad17 Mon 18-Jun-18 21:08:43

I'm being induced on Wednesday...tbh i think me & DP will use the day (don't go in til 5pm) to get some last minute sleep 😂 we already have a 5 year old tho so not quite as significant as being last day child free

FartnissEverbeans Mon 25-Jun-18 19:36:41

I bought a dishwasher... which sounds boring but it was he best thing I could have done! grin

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy a cup of tea because you won't be getting to finish very many of them from now on grin

Enjoy motherhood OP! Good luck brew

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