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Is an induction inevitable now or should I not give up hope of going into labour naturally?

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theycallmebabydriver Sun 17-Jun-18 14:24:19


I'm 40 +4 and am booked in for an induction this time next week. I went to the MW for a sweep on my due date and it was a complete no go, baby isn't engaged, cervix hasn't softened at all, basically nothing is happening. Since then, still nothing, she is still right up under my ribs.

Physically I feel fine, i still have plenty of energy and I can do things but mentally I'm starting to struggle. I've suffer on and off from depression and this is always made worse by not being occupied and being in my own company for too long. I can feel myself starting to become depressed and whilst it's only a week to wait I know that if I plan some days out and other activities I can nip this in the bud and make myself feel better.

Anyway my question is, given that i I have no signs of going into labour, what are the chances of it happening all of a sudden? E.g. if I planned to drive to the seaside for a day trip is an hour away too far to go on my own at this stage? (Or, god forbid I treated myself to the infamous mumsnet spa day wink )

My gut feeling is that I should book things and put together a schedule of things to do to look forward to and keep me occupied this week on the basis that this will end with an induction next week. Obviously if anything does start to happen I can rethink this and I'm not bothered about losing money if I book something and can't go, my issue is whether it's madness to stray too far from the house at present and how likely it is to go from nothing at all to a point where I can't drive myself home in a short space of time.

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Sazz1e Sun 17-Jun-18 17:23:11

Hi! I am also 40+4 FTM. Not booked in for an induction yet, but think that will be arranged at my midwife appointment tomorrow. I definitely agree with the idea of planning a few things to look forward to, maybe something nice every day if you can? Like a walk and cuppa with a friend, cinema trip, pedicure, trip to the local library to pick up a new book...literally whatever you can to keep your mind off of the fact you're not in labour. Hopefully this will keep you relaxed and give going into labour spontaneously its best shot. Maybe don't stray too far from home just in case... wink

It's so easy to feel down about it, I totally understand. Especially if you are being constantly pestered for updates by well meaning friends and family! You're within touching distance of the finishing line though! Stay strong and keep thinking about those first cuddles with your little one grin

I think I read somewhere that average number of days overdue for first baby was 40+5...crossing my fingers for us for tomorrow!! X

PonderLand Sun 17-Jun-18 17:52:50

I had my son at 41+5 on the day of my booked induction! I had 3, the 3rd started slow labour off at 41+2. I've got to say those 3 days were torturous because it just never seemed to intensify but I was happy to be at least in some form of labour. Could you ask your midwife for another s&s? Mine was quite happy to do it but I know some mw can be too busy/or concerned about doing too many.

PonderLand Sun 17-Jun-18 17:55:28

Also yes, make plans to visit friends/family, go out etc (don't pre buy tickets or anything though). I started in slow labour on the day I was meant to be going shopping with a friend, she was fine about me cancelling. What better excuse is there!

flumpybear Sun 17-Jun-18 18:00:10

They shouldn't do sweeps if baby isn't engaged as can lead to prolapse cord

Don't travel too far away but do try to do a little every day that you feel will help keep your mood up

QueenAravisOfArchenland Sun 17-Jun-18 18:04:28

I would just do it. As a FTM you are fairly unlikely to have a very quick labour and, worst case scenario, if things are really kicking off you will simply be ambulanced to the nearest hospital. Just take your notes. Most likely you'll have plenty of warning to drive yourself home or not go.

theycallmebabydriver Sun 17-Jun-18 18:20:11

Thanks, that's given me a bit of confidence. I've booked a cinema ticket for tomorrow afternoon and that's 10 mins from home. I'm seeing the MW again on Wednesday and she'll have another go at a sweep but nothing has changed, baby is still really high up, so I think it will be another 'sorry, no sweep for you' which I'm ok with and I'm ok with the induction too it's just keeping myself going mentally that I'm struggling with when my instinct is to stay in bed and cry. I'm having a trawl of events that are close to home, trouble is that if I don't book things then I get into a cycle of feeling down then not wanting to do anything because I don't feel like it. If i book something then I can make myself get out of the house to do it.

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Pluckedpencil Sun 17-Jun-18 18:27:13

Are you kidding? Course it's possible!! I had mine at 40+12 and 40+10, both naturally and both good straight forward births. A lot of first babies are overdue, and 40 weeks is an average gestation, there is a tolerance it just like menstrual periods, maybe yours is 40+10 like me, you'll soon find out. The vast majority of people going into labor naturally before 40+14, so just hang in there. I never found the sweeps worked but they at least make you feel like you are trying!!

Havetothink Sun 17-Jun-18 18:45:18

I'd go to the beach if you feel like it, you'll be indoors for a while when baby comes, and it's unlikely that you'd have the baby in an hour if labour did start while you're out. Just take your hospital bag in the car with you and someone who can drive incase you don't want to/can't.

IchFliegeNach Sun 17-Jun-18 20:52:40

I remember feeling very, very similar and just craving open space as I started to feel a bit claustrophobic staying in the same area all the time, if that makes sense. Started to feel trapped and could feel the negativity starting.
Remember your hormones will be going crazy too!
I went to the beach! But on DH's day off in case I couldn't drive. I went to the cinema, had my hair blow dried about 4 times 😂, went to a gallery and took my book out to lunch somewhere else, etc. The main thing was that I had a 'plan' for every day.
Sod it if you miss something - your mental health is more important!
Good luck and chin up x

KittenCamile Mon 18-Jun-18 11:25:01

I’m 40+5 and feel the same, I spent the whole morning yesterday crying and feeling like I’d failed.

I am going swimming and trying to do a little walk each day but down there is really starting to hurt now and walking is getting much harder.

I have turned off WhatsApp notifications as I’m sick of everyone asking ( & am now only one left in antenatal group who hasn’t given birth) people don’t realise how detrimental it can be.

You aren’t alone, I totally understand. X

Terriersandtea Wed 20-Jun-18 20:49:22

@theycallmebabydriver don't be downhearted, 85% of babies are born after their "due date" and the most common day for first babies to arrive is 40+10 so you've got loads of time. Baby isn't considered late until 42 weeks but the more anxious or worried the more adrenaline you produce and the less likely things will get going. Do anything and everything that makes you feel good: baths, country walks, massages, baking, watching favourite films, sex, dancing to favourite music. Anything that makes you feel good will increase your oxytocin levels which will get things going smile.

thismeansnothing Thu 21-Jun-18 15:54:07

Went into labour naturally at 42+3 with 3 failed sweeps (couldn't do them so painful I had to ask them to stop) no signs of labour. No Braxton Hicks. Nada. There is hope if they will leave you to it (my mw/hospital badgered me to death. Booked me an induction I said I didn't want and when I arrived in labour was known as "the one who didn't turn up for her induction 😡)

theycallmebabydriver Fri 22-Jun-18 03:04:09

Thanks all.

Baby babydriver suddenly got her act together on Wednesday enough for the midwife to do a sweep in the afternoon and I started labour yesterday morning. This is the least fun I've ever had, can't believe I was wishing for this! 😂

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