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Elective c section number 2?

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Roseandharry Wed 13-Jun-18 20:13:48

I'm 8 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (baby number 1 is only 7 months old - a very pleasant surprise to get pregnant again so quickly at my age 39!). Anyway my first birth was an elective c section due to placenta previa which was a very positive experience and I healed well. I've read that they really encourage you to have a VBAC - however that terrifies me!! I know each birth is different but given my last experience was so positive I'd really like to go for a c section again. Is it my right to choose or do I have to go with what the hospital says?

Confusedmummydotcom Thu 14-Jun-18 16:29:55

Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!

In my experience, because I had a previous C-section, the midwife booked me in to see the obstetrician and another midwife to discuss birth options (VBAC as well as Elective C-section). I have just seen the obstetrician yesterday and was told that after I speak to the midwife and all pros and cons are explained to me, I get to decide what kind of birth I have and they will fully support me. I did feel like they were trying to go towards VBAC but the appointment was short and not all health complications were looked at, so I am quite sure they will change their stance once they fully assess me. I will very much push for my elective C-section as I really don't want a VBAC to turn into an emergency C-section. Hope this helps smile

Roseandharry Thu 14-Jun-18 17:34:07

Congratulations on your pregnancy too @Confusedmummydotcom !! That's really really helpful thank you !! I definitely would like another c section so pleased that it seems it will be my (informed) choice!! It's funny I was so devastated when I discovered my first was going to have to be a section but it turns out it was so positive I wouldn't have it any other way !!

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