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Labour close?

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Emz2019 Wed 13-Jun-18 17:04:22

Hello everyone, I am almost due but at my last appointment my midwife told me my baby was not yet engaged and the head was free. That was 6 days ago. Two days ago I began having regular contractions 7 mins apart they lasted hours then stopped. Yesterday my back was aching at the bottom and contractions began again 10 mins apart for a fair few hours. They once again fizzled out. Today my back began aching again and I had cramping low down so I have taken paracetamol and it helped. All the pains have stopped but when I have been going to the toilet Iv had some loose stools and from my vagina Iv had a very slimey mucus discharge!! I also feel my baby very low down on my bladder compared to 1 week ago. Does labour sound close?

Tilliebean Wed 13-Jun-18 17:06:54

I had the same thing in the days leading up to my labour. I ended up having a sweep the day before I was due, after about 3 days of random regular contractions that fizzled out. DD arrived the next day! So it’s possible!

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