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3rd degree tear healing process... Help! Is my tear infected??

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DMBmummy Tue 12-Jun-18 01:10:54

Hi all! I am sorry that I have to write this post and if there is TMI however I am really worried and don’t know who I can talk to about my third degree tear.

My gorgeous boy is 3 weeks old today however the labour was far from gorgeous! I ended up in theatre as I was trying to push for 3 hours and nothing was happening. I had forceps and was advised that I would be cut however my not so little boy was 9lb 5 which meant I tore as well and was left with a third degree tear.

I feel like you’re not advised much about the recovery when having a third degree tear and as this was my first child and I don’t know anyone who this has happened to I didn’t know what to ask at the time!

Basically the last few days I have been itching down there like mad! I haven’t actually itched anywhere as it feels like it’s the stitches... I have also started to get a rather mild unpleasant smell as well as some sort of discharge when I go to toilet which is sort of yellow.

I am unsure where it is exactly coming from but feels like it is right in the middle where I believe the stitches are. The issue is I am terrified to look at the stitches myself and I am now very worried that I have an infection? Does this sound like an infection or is it normal due to where the stitches are? I have been bathing every day and changing my pads regularly and generally looking after myself as much as I possibly can.

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to waste doctors time if there is nothing to worry about but please tell me if this sounds like an infection and whether it is worth speaking to a doctor and maybe getting antibiotics??

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SparklySeashell Tue 12-Jun-18 01:17:32

I'd see the GP lovely, it doesn't sound quite right. I had a similar thing, DS is now 7, a feeling like no other! Hope you're sorted very soon.

CalifornianScotland Tue 12-Jun-18 01:18:09

Call 111

LuMarie Tue 12-Jun-18 01:22:39

That sounds like it could be an infection, easily treated and best be sure rather than letting it get worse and it taking longer to heal! You're not wasting anyone's time, it's a very reasonable and important thing to check on, with any healing cut! Go have it checked or have someone come to you, will only take a couple of minutes..

Then someone else will look and you don't have tosmile

Mummyme87 Tue 12-Jun-18 09:25:23

Go to the GP, or if you’re still under your community midwife give them a shout. Ensure you are keeping the area clean and as dry as possible. Change pads frequently, even if not much blood. Wash your hands before and after using the toilet/changing pads. Shower every day and if you have a bath, bath once a day also, warm water, just for 10mins with a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil. After showering/bathing, lie on your bed with your legs apart to allow the wound to air dry.

It does get better. Disclaimer: midwife and 21weeks post 3B tear

StruggsToFunc Tue 12-Jun-18 10:08:39

Discharge and smell means that you very likely have an infection, I'm afraid. Get medical attention today.

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