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Incontinence / Bladder Weakness

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Fola2610 Mon 11-Jun-18 14:12:54


I'm on the lookout for women who have or are experiencing incontinence issues, or bladder weakness. Perhaps you've been caught short whilst out in public, or you may be worried about talking with a partner about this?

I'd love to hear from any women who would be happy to speak about their experiences to the media, as part of an awareness campaign, aimed at breaking taboos and helping women feel comfortable about talking about incontinence.

Anyone taking part will receive £100 worth of high street vouchers and all travel and expenses will be covered.

We'd need your availability on Tuesday, 3rd July 2018.

If you think you would like to be involved, please contact Erica -

Thank you,

Wellthisunexpected Wed 13-Jun-18 21:16:24

Is it just our comments or do are you filming/ taking pictures/ audio?

EC2610 Thu 14-Jun-18 10:14:51

Hi there,

Ideally we'd like someone to be part of a radio day on 3rd July, and use their quotes for magazines and newspaper articles over the coming weeks.

There may also be TV interview opportunities which will take place on 3rd July, but you of course are free to opt in or out depending on what you are comfortable doing.

The broadcast day will consist of some pre-recorded and live interviews with national and regional radio stations. You will be accompanied by a TV Doctor as well as a lovely lady who runs an incontinence helpline

It will be really good to give you some more information on this, so you can decide if you'd like to take part. Please contact me on and I'll send you some background to look over.


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