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Experiences at Royal Surrey County Hospital?

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Ginger84 Thu 07-Jun-18 12:50:56

Hi all, I have been exploring different options for getting an elcs and realise that London may probably not offer so many options in terms of being flexible to sign you off for an elcs for anxiety and an android pelvis. I am struggling a bit with the system here. I was looking a bit out of London and came across the Royal Surrey County Hospital, which has some pretty good reviews. Did anyone experience them or know the two consultants there, Lesley Roberts and Osama Abu Ghazza? They also offer an affordable private option. I would truly appreciate any sharing of experiences dealing with the maternity ward at Royal Surrey, especially dealing with those two consultants. Many thanks in advance

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Ella32 Wed 07-Aug-19 22:07:23

Hello @ginger84, I know this was posted more than a year ago but I'm actually looking into giving birth in the same place and have to choose between the same cosultants. Which one did you choose? How was your experience there? I'd really appreciate your help or anyone else's.

Buffy81 Sat 10-Aug-19 18:32:13

Afternoon @Ella32

I had my 2nd LB just over 6months ago at the Royal Surrey.It is also one of my local hospitals. I was Consultant led due to having a small baby the first time so I had regular growth scans this time and I was under Miss Chimwemwe Kalumbi

On the day that I went in which was m due date due to excessive movement, on the labour ward I was under Dr Roberts. I found her to be patient with trying to give birth naturally, but in the end due to not progressing, I had to have am emergency c-section. She kept an eye on me through out my trying to labour and made the correct deison as I was hooked up to heart monitors and also had the drip to try and help move the contractions on.

She explained what would happen and that all the team that would be involved with the c section would come in and go through what would happen the risks and sign the consent form.

I would defo try and get to see her if you can

This is the link for the maternity page on the website as you have to register online now and your maternity notes are also online

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