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Birthing pools

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robotcartrainhat Sat 26-May-18 15:55:45

okay thanks!! im probably safe to just get the standard liner then as my friend mustve just used 'mini' to mean it wasnt the maxi.

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Jupiter15 Sat 26-May-18 15:21:52

La Bassine don’t do a mini. There is just the standard and the maxi.

robotcartrainhat Sat 26-May-18 14:29:20

Sorry boring question!!
Has anyone got experience of the different birthing pools you can buy for home birth?
I have one given to me from a friend and it is from 'Made in water' and is called 'La Bassine'
Theres no other details on it.
My issue is I dont know which liner to buy for it? My friend said it was 'mini' when she gave it to me but it does not say that on it and online a mini la bassine does not seem to actually exist?

Does anyone know if mini la bassines actually exist and if not should I just get a standard size la bassine liner for my pool?


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