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Movements following sweep

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Bubble04 Wed 23-May-18 19:06:16

I had a sweep on Monday. Dr said that I was already 2cm dilated and that she could stretch quite a bit further too. After the sweep I started getting mild contractions (not very painful, but uncomfortable to the point I had to stop and breath through them), but they stopped when I went to bed and I've not had any since. I lost my mucus plug the day after. The weird thing is that since then the movements feel very different. She's still moving, but they're increasingly uncomfortable, and feel much tighter. I'm worried that my waters may have been leaking without me realising (I don't have the greatest pelvic floor anyway so could be that). It's all new to me as my first 2 DC were spontaneous labour with waters going first in a gush and no sweep involved. Did anyone else notice a change in how movements felt following a sweep? Contractions have completely stopped too. Not even getting braxton hicks, which had been coming thick and fast previously.

gemsie23 Thu 24-May-18 10:05:53

Hi, I was the same, sweep Monday, light contractions until I went to bed then everything went away! I don't know if specifically since sweep but I saw consultant last week too and said I felt my movements were less but they said it's not got as much room now and it's just pushing rather than freely swimming around! Iv got another sweep Tuesday or induction a week tmw! I'm feeling absolutely fine, just impatient!! Good luck!!

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