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Still in a quandary about ELCS or being induced...

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NooNooHead Wed 23-May-18 14:44:27

Hi ladies, well... mine is a very long to make it v short: I had a EMCS with my DD 7.5 years ago. This was all good and fine, and all went well. (She was 11lb5oz which was mad but probably because of undiagnosed gestational diabetes..!)

Anyway, this time they have been monitoring me v well and all is ok. I am keeping my diabetes under control through a strict diet, and my levels have been ok so far.

I’m under consultant-led care, and have seen about 5 diff consultants including a diabetes one, and they all seem to contradict each other with regards to advice and what I should did labour and birth-wise. I have initially opted for a ELCS this time, only because I am slightly worried about a VBAC, plus I was advised this would be wise as my glucose levels weren’t great a few weeks ago, and they moved my original ELCS date from the 14th June to the 7th.

Now, after seeing one of the consultants last week, he asked why the date for my c-section was so early given that baby is measuring under average size at the moment - around 5.5lb - and he suggested moving my date back to the 14th. He also said if I wanted a VBAC, they would advise me to be induced around 39 weeks - which is much nearer my due date of 21st June.

I KNOW - this is all so confusing! But to make matters more confusing for me, I also have a drug-induced movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia that was caused by some stupid antipsychotic drugs that I was given about 2.5 years ago when I was going through a terrible breakdown after a head injury, post concussion syndrome and insomnia. This means I am v sensitive to any drugs or medication - especially the dopamine antagonist type - and am worried about the anaesthetic they may use during the ELCS. I have seen the anaesthetist and she seemed to think the type of anaesthetic they would use wouldn’t affect me, although she did have to look up my condition on the internet as she was discussing things which didn’t make me feel v reassured..!

Anyway, the reason for all my waffle here is that I am still not sure what to go for in terms of birth options... have a c-section on the 7th as organised but not know how I am going to react to the drugs; have a VBAC later on after being induced but possibly have to have an epidural and not know how I would react there either; or wait to see if I go into labour naturally and don’t have any drugs at all...

I have no idea what to do as the thought of being cut open during an ELCS scares me, but then it also really worries me about reacting to drugs and the pain of a natural birth...

Plus, I may end up with an EMCS anyway! As you can see, I am v confused...! Any advice would be much appreciated!

I really have to decide by tomorrow when I see my midwife as she will need to let the hospital know if I want to cancel the operation or postpone it to the 14th, or decide to be induced instead. I’m still panicking about my decision and don’t want to make one in haste that I regret...

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