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Water births

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TinyTerror1 Mon 14-May-18 14:38:42

Hi everyone. I'm sorry if this has been discussed at length before but I couldn't see anything obvious to answer my questions. I'm only 19 weeks but I'm finally starting to think about the birth process without horror and considering my options. I think I'd like to try a water birth if I can (I'm aware things don't always go to plan!) but I've got a few questions:

Do I have to wear a tankini/bikini top or can I wear a normal bra or vest? (do people even go naked? Not sure I could)
Do I need to take a sieve? (someone in my pregnancy yoga class said you do blush)
Is it cleaner, or do they transfer you to a bed to push out the placenta so you still have blood everywhere?
(related) Is there less risk of ruining whatever clothing you give birth in?
Does it make it really awkward for OH to be involved (hand-holding/soothing)?
How does the getting dry/getting prompt skin-to-skin work?

I'm sure I had other questions but I can't remember them, but any thoughts or insights gratefully received! Thank you x

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BexleyRae Mon 14-May-18 14:47:17

I had a water birth, i was naked in the pool, but you could wear whatever you felt comfortable in.

No sieve needed, whoever told you that must have been pull in your leg!

I birthed the placenta on the bed as it was a bit stuck, but the plan was to stay in the pool.

The pool I was in was sort of set into the floor, so it was easy for DP to hold my hand etc, but really I just had him to hold cold flannel to my forehead

Cos I got out almost straight away and DD needed to have a little but of suction to her mouth we were pretty dry and cuddling on the bed, the room is warm and I think I just air dried really quick. If everything went perfect I was going to be holding DD in the pool for skin to skin

Hope this helps

GummyGoddess Mon 14-May-18 14:55:48

The hospital will provide the sieve grin

I was in the pool at home until shortly before the actual birth when I got out and went upstairs. I wore a bikini top that could easily be moved for breastfeeding but you could wear a normal top. Just be aware that it might chafe on you a bit.

I made DH put on his swimming shorts in case I wanted him to get in with me, turned out I didn't so that wasn't an issue. He spent a lot of time sat on a chair next to me while I ignored him. I didn't want to be touched or soothed, I wanted to be left alone.

Dreamingofkfc Mon 14-May-18 14:56:33

Most ppl get in naked, but you can wear what you like.
The midwives will have a sieve to remove anything they need, defo don't need to supply your own! Unless having a homebirth.

To be honest, don't wear something you are worried about ruining, it's labour, doesn't really matter what you wear!

Partners can still be supportive when you are in the pool. They'll be very close by.

Baby will be passed straight to you for skin to skin if all well. You can chose to deliver placenta in the pool or on land, so usually when getting out is when cord would be cut and you get dry, then skin to skin again straight away after

moreismore Mon 14-May-18 14:59:53

I wore a nursing bra on top as I felt more comfortable but fine to be totally naked (obvs you’ll need a dry one to change into!)

I was kneeling in the water holding hands with DH over the side. Didn’t feel at all separate from him, in fact if anything it felt more intimate and I was barely aware anyone else was there.

No sieve required!

DS was in my arms in the water for a while, we did delayed cord cutting. He was taken to be dried and weighed while I delivered placenta and was helped out of pool, then lots more skin to skin.

The water was heaven for me, the best way to relax and manage the contractions.

SoupDragon Mon 14-May-18 15:04:32

I gave birth and delivered the placenta in the pool. There was a sieve (I had a home waterbirth and it came in the kit)

I wore a maternity vest with built in bra as I felt more comfortable than being naked.

laelti Mon 14-May-18 15:05:27

I was in the pool during labour but didn't actually give birth in it -

I just wore my maternity bra I'd come to hospital in (I had bought a cheap bikini top). I ended up taking that off and giving birth naked in the end anyway, as PP said the rooms are kept very warm! I can't imagine they will care what you're wearing.

No sieve was ever mentioned! Though I vaguely remember an auntie saying that years ago too, so maybe in the past it was a thing?

I was told I could deliver the placenta in there/do skin to skin in there if I stayed in to actually deliver in the pool. I think possibly I was told
I couldn't have the injection to speed up placenta delivery if I stayed in the pool. I suppose it is kind of cleaner, but there was still little bits in the water that could stick to you (lovely...) You'd want a shower after either way.

OH was at the side of the pool holding my hand, I usually kneeled forward facing him during contractions. Mine was raised up from the floor and he was sat on a chair. I was told partners could get in they wanted though (maybe check your hospitals policy!)

SquidgyMcPidgy Mon 14-May-18 15:10:55

Do I have to wear a tankini/bikini top or can I wear a normal bra or vest? (do people even go naked? Not sure I could) - I was wearing a tshirt and nothing else
Do I need to take a sieve? (someone in my pregnancy yoga class said you do blush) -Never heard of this!
Is it cleaner, or do they transfer you to a bed to push out the placenta so you still have blood everywhere? - Moved to the bed after giving birth, then they gave me an injection so that the placenta would come out quicker and with minimal bleeding.
(related) Is there less risk of ruining whatever clothing you give birth in? - I wouldn’t worry about the clothing, just get a fee tshirts from Primark and throw them away after that.
Does it make it really awkward for OH to be involved (hand-holding/soothing)? - It was ok for me, DH held my hand and this was as much touch as I needed at the time.
How does the getting dry/getting prompt skin-to-skin work? - they gave me the baby as soon as it was born, we had a cuddle in the pool, then while they were weighing him I went to lie on the bed and had skin to skin for the next few hours there. In the minute or two that I couldnt hold him,it was DH who gave skin to skin.
Overall it was great and I’d love to have another water birth second time round.

GummyGoddess Mon 14-May-18 15:11:24

@laelti The sieve is to remove poo or bits of mucus plug, it's still a thing! Thankfully(?) my labour kicked off with an upset stomach so I didn't need it but that's not usual. The midwives kept removing bits of the mucus plug because it was freaking DH out, I got the feeling they don't normally bother.

I'm planning on a water birth in the next few weeks, hopefully DC2 will be born in the pool instead of the bathroom floor this time. Just need to prevent DC1 from wanting to get in with me!

laelti Mon 14-May-18 15:17:07

@GummyGoddess I meant more getting the mum to sort that bit out? On the wall of my birthing room was a list of things to check you had before filling the pool for the staff - sieve was on there (I read it repeatedly between contractions!)

GlennRheeismyfavourite Mon 14-May-18 15:25:37

I had one - it was fab!!! Wore a tankini top (didn't want to be naked) - am very glad as the just post birth photos are some of my favourite and I'd have burnt them had I been naked! Husband still did loads of hand holding and caught the baby underwater and lifted her up. Out of the pool on a bed just next to it to deliver placenta.

GummyGoddess Mon 14-May-18 16:36:05

@laelti You would think there would be one in the room at all times in a hospital! Would be a bit mean to tell someone in labour to remember their sieve grin

princessdaffodil Mon 14-May-18 16:39:30

I wore my bra as the bikini tops I brought didnt fit (didnt think the try them beforehand) was fine in my bra. I got out the pool to birth the placenta which eventually fell out in the toilet blush. I dont think a siv was needed but they will provide that if it is. Good luck thanks

princessdaffodil Mon 14-May-18 16:40:12

Sieve sorry terrible spelling haha x

TinyTerror1 Mon 14-May-18 17:39:46

Thanks everyone, you've been very helpful 😊 still seems like my preferred choice, just hope nothing comes up that means I can't do it 😃

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