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Childbirth with poorly dp

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elmo1980 Fri 11-May-18 18:46:25

I'm 40+2 and starting to get a few twinges and signs that things are starting to happen. My dp has been unwell all week with a burst eardrum and virus thing making him very weak and generally ill.

Chances are he will recover in time for birth but I wanted to know if anyone had any experience or thoughts on what you would do in this situation.

I don't really want him at the Labour if hes going to be sat there with a face on him and feeling like crap - I just want to be able to focus on me and have someone supportive there.

Also, would the hospital have issue with someone ill being there particularly if it ends up as a c section?

Sorry lots of ifs and buts just trying to sort through our options as my mum will come up to look after our ds anyway but she might be better as birthing partner, not sure!

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EeekPreggoAgain Sat 12-May-18 15:34:21

DOnt about risks re c section etc but just on a practical level is it best to say to your partner now, look, I love you but I’d you are ill on the day shall I take my mum? Then arrange with your mum that if needs be that happens, that way you’re not left making a panicky decision, your partner doesn’t suddenly feel kicked out and your mum isn’t suddenly thrown in the deep end? Have an A and B plan I mean? So everyone is ready for either. X

EeekPreggoAgain Sat 12-May-18 15:34:43

Don’t know*

EeekPreggoAgain Sat 12-May-18 15:35:07

If* damn it!!

redcaryellowcar Sat 12-May-18 15:37:15

I think in similar circumstances I'd take my mum, but I know my Dh would be keen to come, so how I would diplomatically achieve this, I'm uncertain!

elmo1980 Sat 12-May-18 19:16:02

Thanks, have had a chat with him and he completely understands that a birth partner needs to be focussed on the mum and he couldn't do that at the moment. He is now frantically dosing up on painkillers and decongestant to try and make himself better! In the meantime mum is lined up to be there if needed.

Mind you, all symptoms have bloody stopped now so can't see this baby coming any time soon now hmm

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Lisette40 Sat 12-May-18 19:28:48

My dh had shingles and couldn't go to the hospital with me, obviously. He could barely stand so his Mum flew in to look after him and a work colleague brought me to the hospital - we live abroad and knew noone else. I would have been happy enough to have the c section by myself but the colleague's wife, who I knew slightly, was happy to come in to the theatre so off we went! I still remember the kindness of people who stepped in to help.

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