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Back to back and 97 centilitre head at 37 week, help!

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ALS17081982 Fri 11-May-18 15:46:25

I've just had my 36 week appointment at 36+6 and was told the baby is back to back. From an earlier growth scan I know the baby has a large head too (97 centile!).

I am now very worried about giving birth. Has anyone else had a back to back baby with a large head?

My initial birth plan was hypnobirthing with gas and air but I'm now wondering if I should think about requesting an epidural, what do you think?

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OneForTheRoadThen Fri 11-May-18 15:49:53

I gave birth 4 weeks ago to a baby with a 98th centile head! 37.5cm as opposed to 35cm which is the average I believe. It was fine, I dilated extremely quickly so didn't have time for any pain relief but the actual birth bit was very quick and hurt a lot less than my first baby who was more average sized.

I don't have any experience of back to back although I have heard it hurts more. You don't need to make any decisions now though, why not see how you get on?

bekindtobees Fri 11-May-18 15:55:52

My 2nd was back to back, can't quite remember head size but she was big (9lbs 5) with a pretty big round head.

I would say it was my easiest, quickest labour out the 3, I did tear but healed quickly.

DeepImpact Fri 11-May-18 16:07:59

Mine was back to back and 9'7. Can't remember how big his head was, but he was a chunk.

I also dilated very quickly (1.5 hrs) with no pain relief. No time for an epidural sadly and I couldn't get on with g&a.

He was forceps in the end as I just couldn't push him out.

QueenAravisOfArchenland Fri 11-May-18 16:15:59

I'd just keep an open mind at this stage. You may cope great with just gas and air or you may want pain relief. There's no need to make any firm decision.

Havetothink Sat 12-May-18 18:13:28

Mine was back to back, 90th percentile head. Waters went first, had to be induced with drip, epidural (which I can't recommend enough), episiotomy, 2 hours pushing, nearly c-section. But it's different for everyone. I recommend encouraging baby to turn before the main event (although I tried everything and she refused to shift an inch).

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Sat 12-May-18 18:22:15

95 centile head and came out with his hand next to his head! I had an epidural as was induced but birth was fine and a smallish tear

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Sat 12-May-18 18:22:38

Oh and 10 minutes pushing

Ruby3boys Sat 12-May-18 18:34:28

Hi.. I gave birth 2 weeks ago to a big baby (head size and general chub, 9lb3) - he was back to back. I was induced at 8 days overdue, water broken and then on the drip. I won’t lie, it was more painful than both my other labours but I managed with gas and air and a shot of pethidine. I found the back pain the worst and I felt like pushing from about 4cm which was frustrating.I dilated slowly as his head was at a funny angle (not a prob with other 2 babies which were quick labours) but just at the pushing stage I felt an enormous shift round and he had moved to anterior position and I delivered him with no intervention. I think it helped being knelt up leaning over the bed and swaying my hips and circling. I had a 2nd degree tear and stitches but have recovered totally and fine now. I would say that being upright helped a lot and also leaning over to take the pressure of your back during contractions. I would also recommended spinning babies for ways to turn the baby, but even if that doesn’t work, try not to worry too much as it’s totally possible to give birth to a big baby with not too many probs.back to back makes things harder but not impossible. There is also a good chance the baby will turn before or during labour. Try not to worry (easier said... I was sh*tting it) — You’ll be great, I’m sure!

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