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Induction. I want to request prostin not propess

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Mumof3cheeky Thu 10-May-18 03:52:23

Hi all, just need your input please

Currently 46+4 with 4th baby, last 2 was induction at 42wks with prostin. Great experience contractions started within 12 hrs and labour was quick.
This time I will be induced at 40+6 due to gestational diabetes and hospital told me they changed to propess instead of prostin which I have heard is a lot longer process and not very good.
I have tried to do some research on the propess vs prostin and apart from finding that slightly less cases needed oxytocin as an additional help than prostin, the facts are not convincing at all.
I know prostin works for me and I feel very strongly about it.
Can I request the hospital to give me prostin during induction instead of propess??
I’m not one to write birth plans or have objections about what drs recommend etc but I feel so worried about the prospect of being stuck in hospital for days away from my other children that I feel I need to put my feet down in this case. Do I call the hospital and request an app to go through the induction and write a birth plan to make sure they are in my notes?? Just to add I have strep B but it was a straigforward antibiotics with prostin so don’t see it as a problem . Any advice is appreciated X

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Didntcomeheretofuckspiders Fri 11-May-18 06:10:39

To be honest, post-40w with your third baby i’s imagine they’ll just be able to go straight to breaking your waters anyway.

You can certainly request prostin, but only if they still use it and have it in stock!

confusedlittleone Fri 11-May-18 06:22:22

You can ask but they don't have it offer it.

Littlemissdaredevil Fri 11-May-18 21:37:18

I had propess with my daughter (as my waters broke but contractions didn’t start). I would not have it again (unless I could have a number of straight conditions agreed in advance) Within an hour I started having strong contractions 2 minutes apart and got to 10cm in three hours. Apparently, Propess ‘only’ softens the cervix and doesn’t cause contractions - therefore no one belived I was in labour!

Eatmycheese Fri 11-May-18 21:54:26

I’ve had a propess induction at 40+5 a syntocin drip at 39+1and a prostin induction at 39+1
The prostin gave me a horrifyingly quick labour that i wouldn’t want again as did the drip due to them overloading it. I had the best labour with propess, and it took no time at all (under four hours from imsertion to removal and birth)

@littlemiss nobody believed me either until they examined me!

Not sure how much help my reply is but I guess you can only ask. My third induction was prostin only no propess. Policies must vary

Are you at the same Trust and hospital as before?

Mumof3cheeky Fri 11-May-18 22:13:09

Thanks for the replies. Yes same hospital 4.5 years since last baby and they apparently changed procedure.
I actually called them as worked myself up quite a bit about it and agreed with midwife that the next time I come in we ll have it noted that I want prostin and have it signed off by a dr as it’s a different drug to what’s used normally. That made feel better but will see if actually happens when I go in.
Asked the midwife about why hospital changed and she explained that it’s a more gentle way and it mimics natural labour and according to statistic less women needed oxytocin as addition.
It might sound bad but I’d rather have it over and done quickly like I did with overs when induced rather than sit around waiting for days for something to happen!

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moofeatures Sat 19-May-18 18:08:35

Midwife here.

The big advantage of Propess is being able to take it out should you need to, i.e. in situations of fetal distress/antepartum haemorrhage/uterine hyper stimulation. A prostin goes in, dissolves, and gives us a lot less control should there be complications.

However, like a PP said, it’s actually quite likely that you could avoid drugs and go straight to having your waters broken with baby #4.

moofeatures Sat 19-May-18 18:09:54

I should also add: they both contain the same drug!! (Just slightly different modes of delivery)

Mumof3cheeky Sat 19-May-18 20:35:16

Thanks moofeatures I would be interested to know why hospitals have changed to the propess. Surely it rises the number of beds taken up for longer when they are already struggling with not having enough beds? From what I read about it there is a slightly less chance women who use propess need to have further help like oxytocin as an additional induction tool. Is this right? Unfortunately they have never been able to break my waters before even at 42 weeks as cervix had always been too far back and not open at all so that’s why I assuming I will have to go through similar process again especially as this time they will only let me go up to 40+6 due to diabetes

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