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Hospital stays

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katybob Wed 18-Apr-18 23:53:22

How long has everyone had to stay in hospital after birth. I’m really anxious about this, And considering opting for a home birth.

neomamma Thu 19-Apr-18 21:52:32

I stayed one night after first baby was born in the Glasgow Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Was offered the chance to stay another night but I felt ready to go home. My experience in the postnatal ward was amazing. 100% positive despite them being very busy. I got a lot of support with breastfeeding, staff were very attentive, it wasn't hot or noisy and even the food was good! I was lucky my roommate had no visitors and neither did we so it was very relaxed and no feeling of invasion of privacy. My husband who is usually pretty critical said to anyone we met for weeks afterwards that the whole experience was faultless and a huge endorsement of the good bits of the NHS. Having read all sorts of awful things about negative experiences on postnatal wards, I thought it might be good to hear from someone whose experience was more positive.

Ginger1982 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:04:01

I was in for 5 nights because I was induced and then had a section. The 2 nights before baby were fine, if boring. The 3 nights afterwards were obviously difficult as having problems with feeding etc and other babies waking up. If it wasn't my baby crying it was someone else's. I also lost a lot of blood so felt crap too. You weren't allowed to bring any hot food to bed so had to leave baby alone on ward when going down the corridor to eat which I didn't like. However, I'm glad I was in Hospital rather than at home. There was more help on hand in the initial few days.

Ginger1982 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:04:56

I was in the Princess Royal in Glasgow.

ShowOfHands Thu 19-Apr-18 22:12:04

I had two emcs and stayed in for 12hrs with the first, 36 with the second.

If everything's straightforward, a 6hr discharge is normal.

What is it about the hospital that is worrying you?

wowbutter Thu 19-Apr-18 22:13:17

First birth, I was induced. In two nights during induction and labour and then two after the birth and emergency section.
Second planned section, one night.
My mother in law had two straight forward births, and was in for five and seven days for each of hers. Can't think of anything worse.

Louiselouie0890 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:16:56

One night. I just missed the doctors round so had to wait till the next day. Otherwise I would have been out of there

betterbemoreorganised Thu 19-Apr-18 22:17:21

Emcs was in early hours of morning and stayed in the following night. I was desperate to get out as I kept missing meal times and was starving.

mummabearfoyrbabybears Thu 19-Apr-18 22:21:07

I didn't stay overnight at all after my first three babies. With baby number four it was 10 days. I nearly had a homebirth after the others had been so easy. His was easy too he just didn't like breathing. So bloody glad I was in hospital!!!

hopeful31yrs Thu 19-Apr-18 22:22:01

1st child, forceps. Admitted Saturday 2am in labour, gave birth 10am home Monday morning.

2nd planned c section, Admitted 7am pre-op, went to theatre 3:20pm, gave birth 3:50pm, discharged by 10am next morning.

NickyNora Thu 19-Apr-18 22:24:12

Varied from 2 nights to 6 hours.

ProseccoPoppy Thu 19-Apr-18 22:24:15

I can relate to the anxiety - I was very scared about being in a ward postpartum. Would you feel better with either a private room (totally worth paying for imo) or at a smaller community type hospital? I know both of these options helped me feel much calmer. I have two kids and was in for three nights each time. Private room for three nights after a hideous labour and eventual EMCS first time - and I would not have been well enough to leave any sooner. Second time physically/medically I probably could have left after a day and a half/two days but really wanted the support (esp bf) that I knew I would have in hospital. I had a private room for two nights then transferred to a smaller community hospital (where DS and I were the only people on the ward so had incredible care!) for a third night for a bit of further rest and help with bf second time, that time after an ELCS. Really positive experience, it honestly can be good. Food was ok too, and unlike PP I could either wheel baby in the crib through to the dining room or eat in my room so no need to be away from baby.

Mybabystolemysanity Thu 19-Apr-18 22:27:23

I did 6 nights waiting for induction, discharged myself for a night at home because I was so sleep deprived I couldn't have given birth, went back for one night, induced in the morning then two nights in after the birth. Failed to establish breastfeeding and went home with blood pressure medication and a non feeding baby then sent back every other day by community midwives because blood pressure wasn't controlled satisfactorily. Led to complete failure to bond with baby and we were on formula only by 5 days because my milk didn't come in until day 6 after birth. It was awful. This time I am either staying in as long as possible afterwards or going home and not returning unless in an ambulance.

dinosaurkisses Thu 19-Apr-18 22:29:08

Had DD at 8am on Friday and they discharged me at 8pm on Sunday. They picked up signs of an infection when I was in labour so although I had a straightforward birth they kept us both in for antibiotics.

I was only discharged at that stage because I started crying when they told me they wanted to keep me in for a third night 😂.

It wasn’t too bad though- not something I’d worry over happening again. The midwives and health care assistants were fantastic- the major downside was the snoring of the woman on the bay opposite. I burst into tears at the prospect of another night of no sleep!

shockedballoon Thu 19-Apr-18 22:36:04

Gave birth at 7pm on Sunday, was out at 12pm Monday. Pretty straightforward birth, just a few stitches, and breast feeding went well, DS pooed (several times) though he did need a further hearing test, but rather than wait I asked for an outpatients appt which the nursing staff were happy to request.
I acting then felt reeeally faint on the walk out and had to get DH to get me a wheelchair - under strict instructions not to go back to the maternity ward in case they made me come back! Once I got home, had a cup of tea and a few biscuits and a lie down I felt much better.

shockedballoon Thu 19-Apr-18 22:36:44


dicdicnurse Thu 19-Apr-18 22:39:11

First baby was 9 days. Second baby was 12 days. Both were term and straightforward vaginal deliveries with no stitches but they were both tiny (4lb and 5lb) and ended up needing help with blood sugars and jaundice.

Kb12 Thu 19-Apr-18 22:41:23

Had baby at lunchtime and was home by lunchtime the next day

cindersrella Thu 19-Apr-18 22:43:59

I loved been in hospital with my first. I had to stay in for 3 days and I was lucky enough to have my own room.

With my second I was only in over night. 12.20am birth... out at 5.30pm.

I felt I bonded a bit better with first as it was just me and her more or less (apart from husband and visiting times) for 3 days x

OoohSmooch Thu 19-Apr-18 22:47:39

I was in two nights in labour and then four nights after this but mainly due to infections with me and the baby. It wasn't great, they gave me a private room for the last two nights, probably to keep me away from the other new mums as I cried a lot (tongue tie baby = VERY painful and hard going breastfeeding). The midwives were AMAZING! The breastfeeding 'experts' were not.....

Bobbiepin Thu 19-Apr-18 23:26:03

Gave birth 9pm Tuesday, discharged Friday afternoon as DD had a small infection and was with SCBU. If i really pushed I could have gone Thursday but stayed another night for the breastfeeding support. Could not fault the care we received. Frankly I would have stayed another week if I could take DD off the ward. All the care staff were amazing.

boymum9 Thu 19-Apr-18 23:39:21

First was born 10pm and was home by lunch the next day, second was born 8pm and was home by 10.30pm the same night! He was born within minutes of being there, all straightforward. I was really anxious too, but I actually found it completely fine, I was so caught up in a new baby that all I did was lay and watch him and actually found it a lot more pleasant than I was expecting! In uk so was on a ward with lots of other people, another thing I was worried about. It'll be fine, honestly x

Nomad86 Fri 20-Apr-18 08:07:04

One night the first time, purely because my waters broke early. Went home after four hours the second time. I'd have been happy to leave sooner both times.

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Fri 20-Apr-18 08:32:58

Gave birth at 2am was out by 2pm the next day 2nd time 8.30pm out by 2pm the following day

cornishmumtobe Fri 20-Apr-18 08:45:34

2 nights before birth (induction) and 5 nights after (monitoring due to pre-eclampsia). It was misery, sorry Op sad

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