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Share your positive, natural big baby labours!

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lexxibeth Wed 11-Apr-18 15:34:20

I'm 37+4 and yesterday at growth scan baby was ut at about 10lbs.

I've done hypnobirthing and mostly I'm feeling confident, this is my first so there's still that little bit of anxiety about the unknown for me too.

Anyway, the ward sister and my consultant are pressuring me about elective sections and induction every time we have an appointment. Yesterday I had a tour of the birthing rooms and the Sister told me the most horrific story about shoulder dystocia - unprompted - and it majorly rattled me!

So really what I'm after is some positivity to tap into! I've now read that dystocia is pretty uncommon and I know that growth scans can't wholly be taken as given, I'm just trying to fight down this ear worm that's telling me I'm not going to be equal to the task! blush

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Dandybelle Wed 11-Apr-18 15:36:59

Can't help from experience as DD was 8lb 3oz, very easy labour though.

A friend of mines DD was 11lb, and she had a 4hr labour and 2 paracetamol!

Sometimes big babies are easier because they help themselves I think??

JumpingFrogs Wed 11-Apr-18 15:43:01

9 lb 4 oz, vaginal birth following previous elective c section. Took 20 hours to get to 4 centimetres (most of which I spent at home so not too bad - lots of baths, TENS machine) then took half an hour to get from 4 centimetres to 10 cm....that was pretty quick and I panicked a bit but managed OK with gas and air and a small dose of pethedine. I used self hypnosis and it helped a lot.

mishmash33 Wed 11-Apr-18 15:44:23

I've had 4 babies. The last 3 at home - In order 7:14, 9.3, 7.11 and 9.7. I had no pain relief with the last 3 and they were far less painful than number 1 which resulted in an epidural, forceps and an episiotomy. I much prefer being in control of my body and can understand how you would prefer not to have medical intervention

PrimeraVez Wed 11-Apr-18 19:00:04

DC1 was 10lbs 3oz. I had a straightforward water birth, suffered only a minor graze and recovered very quickly with no lasting damage.

DC2 is due in June and am worried that I can’t be that lucky twice in a row!

spacecadet48 Wed 11-Apr-18 19:10:52

4DC over here. 1. 8lbs no issues and no pain relief (no time) 2. 9lb 6 really tough labour, she was 15days overdue so i was stuck in a hospital bed from Friday 9am and she arrived at 10.40pm Saturday 3. Overdue and growth scan predicted weight at 10lb 6 and I said not a chance am I going for a natural! I valued my vagina and wanted a sex 😁 joking aside I had actually lost a baby at 22 weeks before this one and was terribly anxious. He ended up being 11lb 4 and c section. So I dont regret that decision...and Interstingly I wasn't getting any persuasion to go for a c section they were all pushing me to go for a natural birth.

babynelly2010 Fri 13-Apr-18 23:18:54

With large baby like that I would not contemplate natural birth. Our first was a peaceful water birth. Our second was huge, 2 pounds more than our first baby and we had SD, it was terrifying experience that left me with multiple injuries, my baby was fine. Our 3rd was an emcs she was about the same size as second. I would choose csection for that any day even emergency was way better than what I had to experience with our second baby and SD.

MrsFamily Sat 14-Apr-18 07:51:19


I've had four DC. DC1 - 8lbs 5 oz, DC2 - 9lbs 10 oz, DC3 - 8lbs 13oz and DC4 - 10lbs 1oz. All vaginal births and all in water, either at home or midwife units. I did tear with all of them, but in the same place with each.

All births are different so I'd listen to advice, particularly as it's your first and can be unpredictable, but my easiest birth by far was DC2. 6 hours start to finish, with a five minute second stage, although the final half hour was utterly bewildering as it really ranked up in intensity having been strangely easy before that. DC4's birth was relatively straightforward too although I was tired in the labour but that was more down to the other DC.

One thing I would highlight is your comment regarding the accuracy of growth scans. Neither of my two large babies was picked up on, despite my raising it at midwife checks both times. I felt very large with each (am usually a size 10 and 5' 4") but wasn't offered anything more than the two standard scans at 12 and 20 weeks. Measuring was just using a tape measure and each time I was assured that I wasn't having a big baby. At the same time, a friend of mine was in your position and being scanned very frequently and delivered an 8 1/2 lb baby, so I think it's hard to tell. I was consultant led for DC4 due to being over 40, although this only resulted in two additional appointments, and all they focussed on was concerns about my going over my due date in case of deterioration in the placenta.

Only other comment is that carrying a big baby does take its toll on your body, so you might wish to keep all options open to yourself. I had pelvic girdle pain with DC2-4, particularly badly with the latter (although I was told it would just go away when I delivered - with hindsight, I'd have pushed for more support at the time) and still have ongoing back issues. Although in fairness this is more due to the fact that I've not really done much about it - DC4 is now 2.5 so I shall be addressing that next month now I have a little more time!

But to get back to your original point, you can deliver large babies but I would keep an open mind at this stage and make sure you are resting up when you can.

Good luck with it all.

Theworldisfullofidiots Sat 14-Apr-18 07:57:00

9lb something boy. Water birth at home. All fine. No stitches and even helped clear up afterwards.

lilyfire Sat 14-Apr-18 07:59:14

My first was 11lbs 3oz. He was quite hard work to get out, but partly as he was back to back. I had an epidural and an episiotomy, but it was fine and got him out without instruments. The second two were just under ten pounds and I had them both at home with no interventions. The midwife asked me to see a doctor to talk about homebirth after first big baby, but he was completely fine about it.

Nestlyn Sat 14-Apr-18 08:15:39

Second baby 9lb 7oz, had her within an hour and that includes parking the car, crossing the road and waiting to be seen. No time for pain relief and no stitches.

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