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Considering homebirth - what to do with toddler?

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NordicNobody Wed 11-Apr-18 14:56:58

I'm pregnant with #2, due in September, currently living abroad, and was chatting to my midwife earlier about how I don't really know anyone here well enough yet to look after DS while I'm in labour, and all our family are in another country. She suggested I consider a home birth so we could all just be together. It's not exactly common here, but more common than in England and we live about 10 mins drive from the big hospital. She seemed very confident that if there was a problem we could be there quickly. I actually quite like the idea of a home birth - my last labour was horrible with loads of intervention and I still feel a bit shaken up by it. Basically I agreed to an initially unnecessary intervention, and it set off a chain of events which required multiple further interventions. All the time I kept thinking of my SILs lovely sounding water hypno homebirth she had with her second and wishing for one of those. So I like the idea in theory - I'm just not sure I agree that it's a solution to our childcare problem! We live in a fairly small 2 bed flat, DS will be nearly 2, we have a shared garden but it'll be cold here by September.

Basically, has anyone here had a homebirth? Would you recommend it? And what did you do with your older child? If they stayed at home with you, how did that work? I have visions of DS tantruming in a different room because he doesn't understand what's going on, or that I'll be in a lot of pain and it'll scare him, or that he'll try and go swimming in the water bath haha!

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