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Episiotomy Stitches

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cjferg Mon 09-Apr-18 09:50:27

Gave birth 7 days ago after being induced (2 pessaries and hormone drip.) They had to use the ventouse cup to help so was given an episiotomy.

Literally got a bag of frozen peas in a pair of pants over my bottoms as I can barely walk otherwise.

Is this a normal amount of pain to be in a week later? Had a peek down there with a mirror and it looks like someone's driven a lawnmower over me.

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DangerEgg Mon 09-Apr-18 09:52:30

A week later, no, I'd be down the GP if I were you. Did the midwife check how you were healing when she last came?

Trooperslane2 Mon 09-Apr-18 09:53:46

Phone the ward - that's not right IME.

I had one too and it was nippy I'd say but no way to that level

the massive piles were much worse

ellesbellesxxx Mon 09-Apr-18 09:55:04

I had a third degree tear (episiotomy Tore) but a week later I was able to walk more normally and was controlling the pain with paracetamol/ibuprofen.
I would def get it checked out

shushpenfold Mon 09-Apr-18 09:56:21

The most pain I had was at 7 days. 8 days wasn’t much better but then after that it all died down very quickly. Xx

Isadora2007 Mon 09-Apr-18 09:56:46

How long was your pushing stage? I found the assisted deliveries (I’ve had three) with longer pushing stages (like,fecking hours!!) were worse than the actual severity of stitches. If that makes sense...
sitting leaning over onto my side to take pressure off my bits also helped, all the photos of the early days with my sons look like I am lounging around with no worries when really I am avoiding pressure on my bits!
Witch hazel on a sanitary pad helped too- kept them in the fridge. Ahhh bliss.

guiltynetter Mon 09-Apr-18 10:00:29

are you still seeing your midwife (home visits?) or has that finished? she can check your stitches for but if not, definitely go to the GP. get a same day appointment if possible. i had an episiotomy and lots of other stitches and they were most painful after a week i’d say. keep up with regular painkillers, all day, even if you feel you don’t need them to keep a constant level in your bloodstream. my sympathies, it’s just so horrible!

cjferg Mon 09-Apr-18 10:08:37

DangerEgg Only got out of hospital Saturday evening as baby was jaundiced but when I was checked there they were fine. Midwife coming today so will ask her to check.

Isadora2007 According to my notes I was only pushing for 16 minutes (felt like so much longer) and whole labour was less than 3.5 hours after they broke my waters and put me on the drip but the pain was something I was not prepared for.

I did forget to buy ibuprofen at the shop last night, and possibly shouldn't have walked the almost a mile there.

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cjferg Mon 09-Apr-18 10:11:28

guiltynetter she is coming today so will ask her.

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SharkSave Mon 09-Apr-18 16:16:10

Sounds like you've overdone it walking to the shops!
Ibuprofen is good because it helps the swelling too. I was alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen for probably 2 weeks I think

KikiA Tue 10-Apr-18 07:44:57

I actually couldn't walk without pain for about 3 weeks. I don't think it was strictly related to my episiotomy though - I had to give birth on my back due to exhaustion and also had quite a long pushing stage. Most of my pain was in my bottom (felt like I had a large object wedged up there 😳). I'd say get it checked out for peace of mind - you definitely want to make sure it's healing properly.

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