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Question about the cervix

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PrettyWisdomous Sat 07-Apr-18 06:59:57

Something that has had me confused for a while...

During labour the cervix thins and dilates... Where does it go?! After childbirth, does it "grow" back, and is it a "new" cervix? How long does it take for the cervix to go back to normal thickness and dilated-ness (grin)?

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MissBax Sat 07-Apr-18 07:01:30

Where does it go?? The cervix is a whole leading the uterus. It stretches to allow the baby out and then eventually constricts back. I'm not sure what you mean exactly?

MissBax Sat 07-Apr-18 07:01:52


WineAndTiramisu Sat 07-Apr-18 08:44:53

It's kind of like an elastic band, stretches and goes thin, then goes back to normal afterwards

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