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What is going on? Slowest labour ever?!

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SleepySheepy Wed 04-Apr-18 00:42:32

After having strong BH for over 24 hours I started timing them this morning - a very regular every 20 mins & lots of lower back pain.
I called the assessment unit as I was a bit worried - I'm only 35 weeks - and after lots of waiting and monitoring etc they told me I'm 2cm dilated and my waters were bulging. So I was admitted and now I've been in hospital for about 12 hours.
I was last monitored about 6pm and contractions then were every 10 mins. I've been trying to get some sleep now but every time I do I either get a contraction or someone presses their alarm.
They do seem to be slowly creeping closer together but it's really not what I would call painful.
This is nothing like my first birth, I'm not even sure I'm in labour. What will happen if they check me in the morning and I'm no more dilated but still contracting? I'm so confused!

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sidesplittinglol Wed 11-Apr-18 00:05:21

How you getting on? X

Lmj25 Fri 13-Apr-18 16:43:11

How're you? X

birdladyfromhomealone Fri 13-Apr-18 19:39:33

the same happened to me.
Iwas given steriods to mature DS2 lungs as I was also 2cms.
in hospital for 4 days having BH every 5 mins showing on the monitor.
Then they gave me utipar for an irritable uterus and sent me home.
Born 4 weeks later after a 1 hour labout at over 10lbs .
we call him steriod boy!

birdladyfromhomealone Fri 13-Apr-18 19:40:55

good luck op hope it all settles down for you my waters went too, hind waters but they replenish. positive vibes to you x

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