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If i got to 10cm with dc1 but no pushing (emcs) should second labour be quicker?

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WhyTheHeckMe Sun 25-Mar-18 08:33:54

Hi, I'm 36 weeks today and still really unsure about elcs or vbac. I'm booked in 3 weeks for elcs but have a feeling for some reason the baby will be earlier and I can't decide whether to try natural if that happens.
Last time I was in labour for 14 hours. I had my 1st contraction at 4pm and my second contraction 1 min 20 secs later and that was how my labour went. Baby was back to back and I literally felt like my back was shattering into a million pieces the whole time. It was exhausting because my contractions were so close for so many hours and at 6am the next day I was 10cm but baby's heart plummeted so it was emcs after all that (I'd refused all pain relief apart from gas and air as was determined I wanted natural). They said that due to being b2b he just wasn't in the right position to come down easily.
If i dilated but didn't push, should labour be a little faster next time or is it the actual pushing bit that makes it faster second time round?

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MinnieMousse Sun 25-Mar-18 08:41:52

I had a very similar first labour. DD was not back-to-back back but I had all the contract toons in my back. Laboured at home for about 9 houra then went into hospital and was fully dilated about an hour later. Pushed for about an hour before they realised she was in an unusual presentation and went in for EMCS. I thought second labour would be shorter but it was almost exactly the same as the first!

MinnieMousse Sun 25-Mar-18 08:44:09

I should add that the pushing stage took nearly three hours with DC2. I think that was partly because she was my first vaginal birth but I also think my uterus is positioned a bit awkwardly which makes pushing hard.

Stillgameforalaugh Sun 25-Mar-18 08:50:06

I was exactly the same as you. From first contraction they were almost constant and I dilated from 1cm to fully dilated in about 3hrs. Dd was back to back and brow first presenting so resulted in a section.
I had to decide elcs or vbac. I did my research and spoke to consultant a lot. Basically my odds of a successful vbac were at 80% purely down to the fact I got fully dilated. A friend of mine who never got passed 3cm with her first was given odds of 30%. She ended up with a second emcs.
With my second I went straight into labour from zero again and I was fully dilated in 2hrs and ds was born in precisely 2 pushes. The speed and ease of the whole thing was amazing. I was straight up and walking/ carrying which was great with a toddler in tow.

Stillgameforalaugh Sun 25-Mar-18 08:52:32

Ooh and I had no pain relief... the gas and air wasn't working for me and I didn't want any other drugs.
If I were you I would go for it...i was told it was unlikely the second baby would get stuck the same way. Good luck!

Mummyme87 Thu 29-Mar-18 17:11:41

I got to 9cm with dS1 the had a CS. DS2 I was induced, 4cm at 2.30pm, 9cm at 7pm, 10cm at 9pm, started pushing at 11.10pm, pushed him out at 1.07am, all 10lb of him. Had an epidural. Would have been quicker without

Dinosauratemydaffodils Thu 29-Mar-18 17:52:30

I got 10 cms and pushed with ds, also back to back and didn't descend but they have told me to come to hospital asap if I labour before my elective date (unless I've changed my mind) because if I go into labour this time and baby is in a better position it will likely be faster according to both the consultant and the community midwife.

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