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Csection or vbac!!!!!!??????

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Lullaby3 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:04:34

Just wana k ow what everyone else would do.... What is the 'easier' option?

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DuggeeHugs Fri 23-Mar-18 08:11:46

There isn't an easier option!

Have a look on the RCOG website for risks and benefits of both. Your personal circumstances will make a big difference, e.g., age, general health, etc.

At the end of the day the choice of delivery should be yours but, having requested an ELCS myself, if you want a CS you'll more than likely be expected to demonstrate you understand the relative risks before it is approved.

Ekphrasis Fri 23-Mar-18 17:06:36

I've just had a meeting with the hospital mw who does birth reflections but also runs the uncomplicated vbac/elcs clinic.

It was unbelievably useful.

I'm personally deciding based on many factors to either allow natural birth upto roughly mid 41st week or an elcs. This will be my second child after an emcs with my first.

She went through all the factors around my personal previous birth - the only reason I might not have a good outcome with vbac is that I'm 41. It's best to have got to over 8 cm previously however I didn't get that chance, but there's no reason I couldn't have, it was just that baby was in distress. And she said that the best 'chance' is if you didn't labour at all as it's as if it's your first labour.

Personally I'm avoiding induction unless I get to a certain point naturally and slow down. They give less of the drug with a vbac to avoid pressure on the scar, hence fewer induced vbacs are successful (60% compared to 75% naturally starting. It's 75% for any woman starting naturally with their first) I just found for me that the thought of an induction makes everything confusing.

I went to 42 weeks last time so that's another factor against me managing to go naturally. It is possible to go to 42 weeks and beyond; I'm not going to take the risk based on my son's birth (iugr, distress etc and my age).

However, if I go naturally, I now feel quite confident and comfortable about how that would proceed. They have wireless monitors and even a pool on the delivery suite. Extra scan at 40 week later to double check things. Monitoring foetal movements is apparently going to be really key.

There's a vbac fb group with lots of knowledgeable people that I found helpful. It's a very personal decision - some will go all out to achieve a natural birth, but it's a really helpful source. I also found the elcs fb group helpful, less busy though, and have bought a book on cs to feel really in charge for either option.

I think I decided I couldn't choose without lots of info about both options, which clarified that for me, induction wasn't an option (as elcs stories have been so positive). I'd ask for a birth reflections review and with any luck the mw can also give you info on next step choices.

Ekphrasis Fri 23-Mar-18 17:08:33

You'll never know which one is 'easier!'

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