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Samuel Johnson in Lichfield..

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Mummyh2016 Fri 23-Mar-18 21:08:09

One of my friends had her baby at Samuel Johnson last summer, she couldn’t talk more highly of it. She was originally going to Walsall but changed at 20 weeks, she did not regret it for a second.

rubberducker Wed 21-Mar-18 14:37:02

I was booked in for SJ with my first DC but couldn't give birth there in the end as I had to be induced. However, I had all my antenatal care there and they were amazing. The birthing rooms are lovely and when I went overdue they had me in for reflexology to try to get things moving. It's always really quiet and such a lovely environment. I would go there in a heartbeat if I could, but unfortunately all my DC ended up as c-sections.

OhBergine Wed 21-Mar-18 14:26:37

I didn't but it was on my list (had a homebirth in the end). 3 of my friends gave birth there and absolutely loved it!

ArizonaLeone Tue 20-Mar-18 19:22:48

Anyone given birth here? Curious to know what it's like and whether you'd recommend! smile

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