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I'm scared to do it again.

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Forevertired19 Sat 10-Mar-18 21:43:03

My dds birth wasn't traumatic for me. I mean, she got stuck and was almost emergency c sectioned but other than that, it was OK. Painful but I tried to gas and Air myself out of it as much as I could.
I'm due ds really really soon and I'm having like contraction type pains (but not contractions) every time I walk or stand up and they are so bad. There's 12 months between my two (if he's early or late, not long) and I'm told from the midwife it's normal. But it's so so painful. I genuinely thought I was in labour the other day and I was so scared. It's going to happen in a few weeks, but still sad does anyone have any advice?

Callamia Sat 10-Mar-18 21:53:21

I don’t know about the pains you’re having now. SPD or Braxton Hicks?

There are nearly four years between mine, and just at the point when labour started to really kick in, I remembered how much it hurt the first time, and just thought ‘oh fuck’.

You’ll get through it. You know what to expect, you know you can do it, and you know what helped for you last time. With luck, it should be a little quicker this second time too. Good luck!

Forevertired19 Sat 10-Mar-18 21:56:45

I do have really bad sciatica with this one but I think braxton hicks but I can't remember it being this painful with dd :/ thank you x

HumphreyCobblers Sat 10-Mar-18 22:05:50

It is the position the baby is in that is making the braxton hicks so painful, hopefully the baby might shift a bit and it will feel less intense.

That is what happened to me about ten days before I had dd, I woke up and the baby had changed position to such an extent that my bump changed shape and my trousers wouldn't stay up! It all felt much easier and I was able to walk much further without pain.

Forevertired19 Sat 10-Mar-18 22:16:42

I'm not too sure sad but he hasn't shifted at all really. I can feel him move but he's constantly stuck in one position it seems. But even the midwife said she was concerned about the size of him. He's a really long baby

Relaxing2 Sun 11-Mar-18 14:05:14

Hunni I'm in the same boat as you im scared too and I'm due in 3 weeks

Okaynowimconfused Sun 11-Mar-18 14:13:54

Bless you OP, I had a lot of anxiety leading up to DC2's due date too. I nearly had an emergency c section with my first but in the end I had an episiotomy and forceps delivery.

After being fed up of the anxiety I decided to be open minded, remind myself that this time might be different and as I wasn't high risk I had a home water birth and honestly it was amazing and easy. Sure the contractions suck (as does pushing a baby out!) but just ride it out, relax, have a sip of tea between them (like I did) and just roll with it.

This is not a repeat of your first labour and you need to disconnect this pregnancy with how it went first time.

You can do it OP!

Oh and I am now pregnant with my third and already dreading labour so I think it's completely normal to feel anxiety. Just don't let it take control.

user1495444352 Tue 13-Mar-18 23:12:30

FIRst labour I think I managed quite well and didn’t go to the hospital untill I was 9cm dialated but I’m now booked for induction a week today and I’m absolutely pooping it being having nightmares and waking in the night scared ! I think it’s just our minds playing tricks but we’ve done it before we can do it again ! Good luck ! X

Forevertired19 Tue 13-Mar-18 23:23:29

I hope so. I feel like in the day i can handle it but at night as soon as I feel a slight pain I panic sad

AlecOrAlonzo Tue 13-Mar-18 23:39:35

Can you do some hypnobirth stuff to relax you? There's various ones you can download. Katharine someone was the one I listened to.

I found the Ina May Childbirth book really useful and empowering.

I also collected positive birth stories from friends (RL and online). Often you just hear the "war stories " but actually the good stories are so helpful and give you great confidence. I think there are several threads about this if you search on here.

Wishing you a happy and strong birth experience, op. All the good thoughts.

Relaxing2 Sun 18-Mar-18 08:10:11

How are you

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