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Midwife in Chelsea & Westminster

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LondonGirI Wed 07-Mar-18 21:12:52

Hi everyone! I am new here - currently 7 weeks pregnant and planning to give birth in the Chelsea & Westminster hospital. I was told that I have to choose a midwife asap after choosing a hospital.

Can anyone recommend a good midwife in the Chelsea & Westminster hospital? (I could find a few threads about the different hospitals, but none about midwife recommendations..)

Thank you everyone!

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zaalitje Thu 08-Mar-18 07:33:34

Hi London sounds like you are after a private recommendation as I've never heard of NHS patients choosing a midwife?

At 7 weeks assume also this is for ante natal care? As no way of knowing who would be on shift when you go into labour.

MrsMcW Thu 08-Mar-18 09:26:04

Hi OP - I can't speak for private care, but if you are under NHS then you will be assigned a midwife team at your booking appointment. Be warned - I'm 36 weeks at C&W and have yet to meet the same midwife twice, plus it will be an entirely new team on the Labour ward vs antenatal care.

Unless you're referring to an independent midwife who is self employed outside of the hospital, but will be with you throughout?

Cupcakesandlove Thu 08-Mar-18 20:49:46

Can i ask what you think of c&w i gave birth there but never had my antenatal care there? Im due my second and just wondering x

MrsMcW Fri 09-Mar-18 09:43:18

Cupcakes- I've had mixed impressions of antenatal care there. Individually, the staff are all great. However, coordination between teams is very erratic and different departments don't seem to talk to each other. They've twice lost my blood samples somewhere between the antenatal clinic and the lab meaning I've had to repeat tests, and I had a horrible few days when a sonographer freaked out at my scan results (sending my anxiety levels sky high) only for the consultant to poo-poo my fears when I saw him a week later and send me back to midwife care. It's also tough to get appointments unless you book each one several weeks in advance.

I think they are probably fantastic if you have a routine, no problems pregnancy, and also very good if you are recognised early as high risk. My problems have come from being borderline high risk (I have raised BMI and baby is showing v large for dates) so midwives keep trying to put me into consultant care, but consultants don't think I'm 'risky' enough for them so get shuttled back to the midwives!

LadyMarmelade Sat 10-Mar-18 08:38:50

Zaalitje, MrsMcW, thank you very much for your replies, and your good advice! LondonGirl

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