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Elective c-section date booked... not that close but still a bit scared

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NooNooHead1981 Tue 06-Mar-18 14:41:28

I've got my date for my c-section in June and asked the consultant today about being put under with a general anasthetic. He said they don't usually do this unless it is really necessary for certain medical reasons, and that generally being awake is safer/easier.

It is safe to say that I will be terrified of the operation, being given drugs that I won't know what effect they have on me (I have a drug-induced movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia so I am always very wary of any medications I take now).

I know it is far too early to worry about any of this, but I am a worrier and anxious by nature and hate the idea of being operated on while awake. Maybe I should get some therapy to alleviate my fears beforehand...

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helly29 Tue 06-Mar-18 23:48:55

A spinal may be better for you if you're sensitive to medication as the drugs go into your spine rather than your whole circulation initially.

As for being operated on - I've heard that hypnobirthing can help with this - maybe something to look into if you've plenty of time to prepare?

RosieCotton Wed 07-Mar-18 11:59:07

I live with generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD after birth trauma. I was the same as you and was so scared for my c section, In all honesty it was the best birth ever. Radio was on, everyone was talking to me like a was their friend not over me like some doctors have done in the past. Even laughed about my husband looking like he belonged in ER or scrubs and the fact his scrubs were to big for him and the fact my surgeon was a city fan or DH a united fan. The atmosphere and whole experience was lovely.

I had a spinal and it the best choice. It was so fast acting, within minutes I was numb, every odd feeling, but within 6 minutes my husband was holding our son. It wore off quickly too I had my spinal at 9am and by 1pm I was having a shower and on my feet. I know this doesn't exactly answer what you asked but my advice is to I research and try to put your trust in the surgeon, if he feels your body is not reacting the right way to the spinal then there will be options they can do. The problem with having a general is you will be out for hours and they really dont like that option especially with things like anxiety as not actually being conscious for your DC birth has been known to cause triggers for people in the past.

HeavyLoad Fri 09-Mar-18 15:08:23

General anaesthetic takes a long time to recover from too. Maybe try and focus on the fact you'll get to see the baby straight away if you have a spinal. A hypnobirthing cd might really help with anxiety too - you might be able to find one online specifically for ELCS?

Dinosauratemydaffodils Fri 09-Mar-18 15:51:35

I'm having an elective in June and asked my consultant OB about a general anesthetic. She said it wasn't up to her, that she could understand my reasoning although she would prefer to focus on making my experience better than my last (horrible hallucinations relating to previous trauma/passing out etc) and that I would need to discuss with an Anesthetist.

So I've been referred to discuss/make a plan with them.

Could you ask for a referral to discuss drugs in general with an anesthetist? I've also had hypno-birthing suggested by multiple people including the consultant/midwife. Might also be worth asking if someone could go over the actual procedure with you? One of our community midwives did at my last appointment as the consultant suggested it and it helped a bit, being able to say I want this/that if we're both okay. Although I'm still erring towards the general anesthetic.

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