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Due to give birth in next 4 days - heavy cold

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Stuckinstressville Thu 01-Mar-18 03:51:38


Due for an induction on Monday at 39 weeks due to gest diabetes but could go at any point - have come down with a heavy heavy cold! Each time I cough I pee or sneeze he bump burns. Delightful !

Any remedies or advice for labour with a cold ?

Am so coldy and worried I can't even bloody sleep!

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ExhaustedAndHormonal Thu 01-Mar-18 08:05:23

Similar here. Due in 6 days. Ear and chest infection. And viral throat.. Feel so ill. Antibiotics. Then doc said. Lots of paracetamol ( obvs within the dosage) and hot water, honey and lemon xx hope you feel better soon x

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