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Blondemother Thu 01-Mar-18 13:55:11

I feel really positive about my induction!

I started with the 24hr pessary, then had 2 rounds of prostin gel. It was a bit uncomfortable but mostly boring waiting around and being monitored every 4 hours (take snacks and entertainment!)

I got an epidural at 5cms, had a nice sleep, was ready to push 4 hours later. Baby was out in less than an hour with just a graze. I was calm and happy and pleasantly surprised with the whole thing!

Good luck Dippy! x

McAvennie Wed 28-Feb-18 16:06:06

I ended up going through an unexpected induction last week after concerns over my level of amniotic fluid, and can't stop telling people what a good birth I had!

After being admitted I was given the pessary and put on a heart rate monitor, and checked every couple of hours. Unfortunately I ended up being hyperstimulated and was having contractions every 2 minutes from 2cm but they managed to slow this down before being given an epidural at 4cm. This made such a difference and while hooked up to the syntocin drip I managed to sleep on and off until I called the nurse to say the pressure was really increasing - turns out I was 10cm! The epidural was turned down and after 1 hour of pushing DS was born with a bit of forceps help at the end. While I did need an episiotomy (he was 9lbs with a huge head!) the whole experience was pretty much pain free and I was telling my husband while being stitched up that I'd happily do it again grin

I may just have gotten lucky but wanted to say I found it a really positive experience, though I would say that I wasn't hell bent on having a particular type of birth - so wasn't disappointed that I didn't get a water/hypnobirthing type experience iyswim. So I would say that an open mind (particularly to pain relief) will really help.

Good luck OP and yes, I'd take all bags in with you.

dippyeggandsoldiers Tue 27-Feb-18 18:51:55

I'm being induced on Sunday at 39 weeks exactly for reduced movements. I'm having the 24hr slow release pessary. I've had barely any sleep because I'm panicking and I don't know what to expect. Do I take mine and my baby's bags in? Also has anyone got any positive stories about induction that will put my mind at rest? Thank you!

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