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4weeks post csection recovery

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Shaz1986 Mon 26-Feb-18 04:04:25

Just wondering how long it has taken ladies to cover from a csection?
I'm 4w + 5 days and feel worse these past few days, currently on antibiotics for infection too,
Stomach is still very sore and tender to the touch,
Ended up in doctors and A&E with this,
I'm a mum of five and this was my first csection and finding it all overwhelming to be honest 😒 thanks

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frasier Mon 26-Feb-18 04:25:40

Gosh that doesn’t sound right at all, you poor thing. I was just about recovered by 5 weeks, no infection or anything, one tiny itchy spot which was nothing.

Maybe the antibiotics aren’t doing the job? What does your HV say?

frasier Mon 26-Feb-18 04:26:48

Posted too soon. Call doc out, or go back if you can manage, you really shouldn’t be in pain.

newcarsmell Mon 26-Feb-18 04:38:03

Mine was very sore for a long time.

If you have an infection though you are bound to feel much worse. Your body is recovering not only from major surgery but also fighting infection.

Have the antibiotics upset your bowel? If your bowel is upset that will only add to it.

Can you get a check up to make sure the infection is clearing?

I hope you feel better soon op thanks

ReturnofSaturn Mon 26-Feb-18 04:57:15

Iam also nearly 5 weeks post emergency C-section.
Physically i feel fine no problems or discomfort at all.
Sounds like youve got unlucky with an infection.

Shaz1986 Mon 26-Feb-18 05:10:21

Thanks everyone,
Yeah definitely unlucky, going to call the doctors first thing, hopefully can get an appointment if not il pop over to A&E again,
Only seen my health visitor once not like its use to be, plus because I'm a mum of five they assume you know everything and it's a call us if u need us sort of thing, hope to feel better soon really draining ☹️

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Shaz1986 Mon 26-Feb-18 05:16:19

Forgot to mention I was also sterilised same time as csection don't know if maybe could have made recovery longer?
Also was placenta previa so had to make cut a little bigger.

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Phillipa12 Mon 26-Feb-18 05:26:12

I had a lot more pain after my 4th section that i put down to being sterilised. Your a busy lady, 5 children and recovering from a first section is hard and being able to rest is difficult. My hardest section to recover from was my second, multiple infections and was not recovered till 10 weeks post op, in all honesty i did too much too soon. Go and see your gp or a and e as it does sound like your infection is not clearing.

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