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Week overdue - induction soon

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MistyBxx Sat 17-Feb-18 21:44:12

Hey everyone,
So I'm 41 weeks today. Had a sweep at 40+2 but my cervix was nowhere near ready, she couldn't even do the sweep at all! She said go out, see friends, chill out... baby is nowhere near on its way.
There's nothing much I haven't tried to get this baby shifting but here I am a week later and I don't feel any different to how I felt last week or even 6 weeks ago! Very slight bit more discharge (lol sorry that's gross!) but midwife found I had thrush last week too, so it could just be to do with that although I've treated it now.
My bump is still high right under my ribs, no more braxton hicks than normal, no crampy periody pains or backache more than normal, no show/plug, nothing.
I've been drinking raspberry leaf tea (3 strong cups a day) taking 2 evening primrose tablets a day, eating so much pineapple, curry, had sex, sat on my gym ball, walking loads.
I've got a sweep on Monday (if she can do it this time) and if that doesn't get anything started, I'm gonna be induced on Thursday and I'm scared 😖
Any advice?
I can't imagine there's much more I can do to get the baby out, she's obviously not budging! So with regards to induction... I've heard some horror stories and would really appreciate some good stories! I've only got 4 days to go, I'm booked in Thursday morning 😐xx

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Liverpoolmumof1 Sat 17-Feb-18 21:59:34

Sorry I can’t offer any good stories as my induction wasn’t great but I can offer advice.

Expect it to be long! If it isn’t - bonus! Take plenty of stuff to do. The average induction lasts 24 hours.

Don’t try and be a hero. The contractions when you’re induced are stronger than natural delivery so ask for pain relief before you get to the point of desperately needing it.

Don’t allow the midwives to send you home part way through the induction process as it will only prolong it.

Don’t listen to other people’s horror stories. Everybody reacts differently but going in afraid makes things worse. Take everything as it comes and try and relax/sleep in the beginning when you can.


TheRealCinderella Sat 17-Feb-18 22:43:59

Can't offer any magic remedies you won't have already found on google but I was in a similar boat to yourself. LO wasn't engaging so they refused to give me a sweep. I actually cried when the midwife said it as I was so so fed up of pregnancy and had it all planned in my head to go into labour following the sweep (my partner works out of town Monday to Friday and was due for the sweep on Friday, thought I would have it then go into labour while he was home) anyway LO still wasn't engaged when I went back 3 days later and was refused a sweep again and booked in for all these horror stories and was super upset about the whole situation. I had a curry went for a long walk and masturbated haha blush---- wether or not any of these things had an impact I don't know but I went into labour the following morning and had a 12 hour pretty simple natural labour smile what ever is going to happen will happen and you have no control so go with the flow and just be happy that you will definitely be meeting your LO soon grin

MistyBxx Sun 18-Feb-18 00:35:26

Thanks ladies. I know I won't be sent home half way through, they've already told me once I go into hosp and they start the process, I won't be coming out without my baby. I've got group b strep so will need IV antibiotics during labour and I'm negative blood so they'll have anti D on standby. I'm just worried coz my friend was in for 8 days!!!! They gave her 4 doses! 2 teabags and 2 gels before anything happened and she almost ended up having a section 🙈
I'm no hero lol the pain relief is available for a reason and I've got it all planned what I will use (which is everything except pethidine) I'm not gonna pretend I'm all natural coz I'm not, I'm frightened.
But my baby's safe and healthy arrival is all I really care about, I'm just desperate for her 💗 every night I go to bed wishing something would happen but it's just not 🙈
It's mad they would refuse you a sweep @TheRealCinderella my midwife tried (it was agony) but couldn't even get near coz I was so un-ripe!
I know the standard reply I'm getting off friends and family is "baby will come when she's ready" but she's not and if she doesn't within 4 days, induction is on. And they've already warned me I may not even get a bed and have to ring up an hour before to check!
All in all I'm just a bit stressed 😓

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smeerf Sun 18-Feb-18 07:18:29

Hi Misty, I'm 40+3, same situation as you with the sweep, dreading induction.

There's some encouraging stories on this thread that helped me stop panicking:

ellesbellesxxx Sun 18-Feb-18 07:26:57

I was induced for my twins and like you assumed it would be a long process. We had left my husbands stuff in the car assuming he would be going home that night!
They examined me and said my body was nowhere ready.. which we had assumed given nothing had happened!
They popped in the pessary. I started to feel uncomfy, 20 mins later my waters broke, I started contracted regularly and was 4cm!
I had an epidural a few hours later.

Hope it all goes ok smile xxx

Rosiie Sun 18-Feb-18 09:24:24

As pp said, expect it to be long. I got induced with my youngest DS, got there at 8am on a Monday, I had him next day early hours in the morning

MistyBxx Mon 19-Feb-18 17:18:58

Sooooo had midwife today at 40+9 and she couldn't do a sweep AGAIN!! It was this midwife who is known to be quite "forceful" with the sweeps and is known to get babies out so I was excited it was her. It was painful but not as bad as I thought. I wasn't as tense as I was last week. BUT not even she can move my baby! She could feel her head 💗and said that she's nice and low but that my cervix is posterior and is behind the baby's head too far so she can't reach far enough to do the sweep properly 😩 she noted it was still "firm, long and thick" so all my bouncing, pineapple, tea, sex and walking has been for sweet FA, baby has lowered a bit but literally no ripening of my cervix at all! It's firmly closed. She's booked me for one more try of a sweep on Wednesday morning, but if that doesn't work, admit defeat and just accept I'll be induced 😩so disappointed 😔 x x

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Liverpoolmumof1 Mon 19-Feb-18 17:32:50

Good luck. That was my issue - I had a posterior, firm cervix.

Fingers crossed for you x

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