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Post partum bleeding- 8 weeks on (tmi thread)

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geologyrocks Sat 10-Feb-18 21:21:47

Hi all,

I gave birth to dd4 mid December. Dhes i weeks old now. It was pretty traumatic birth. I was induced 2 weeks early due to leaking waters. There was meconium present. The labour was very slow to progress only getting to 3cm after 11 very painful hours.

At 3cm the pressure to push was immense and the mw was shocked that i was only 3cm amd the head still high (floating as she put it) - as were dh and i because it was my 4th labour and so much more painful than the others with nothing happening. The mw advised that i pushed anyway amd she would manually pull the cervix open to prise head out. I did this and gave birth. It was very tough (never again!)

Anyway, 8 weeks on amd im still bleeding. Its at the brown when i wipe now but over the last weeks its gone from locia, bright red, pink brown, red, pink mucusy, brown mucusy, pink (you get the picture!) - about a month ago there were "bits" in the loo - fleshy looking tissue but none since. And theres been a smell. I thought it was the smell of the sanpro but the smell has eased up so i didnt think infection. Theres still a slight smell there.

At my 6 week check up i mentioned the bleeding to the doc and she suggested a vaginal exam which i still need to do. But after the appointment the bleeding eased so i never made another.

When i went to the loo there and wiped i noticed smell hard black/dark brown rock type things...sorry that description is crap but they actually looked like kidney stones but from the vagina. Now im worried again and thinking there may be cervical damage from the traumatic labour. I know i must go back to the doctor but all of this, especially tonight, just seems so unusal.

I dont know what im looking for in this post really..reassurance...peoples experience. Ill go back to the doc this week for sure. Dreading it already sad

robindeer Sat 10-Feb-18 21:28:10

Smell is not a good sign. Do you have a temperature? Any other signs of infection? Either way, definitely worth seeing the doc again.

If it makes you feel any better, I had a caesarean and bled for 12wks! I hope it's nothing too worrying flowers

geologyrocks Sat 10-Feb-18 21:31:35

Thanks for the reply..the smell was pretty bad when it was at its worse. I felt like i could smell it through my clothes. Def not that bad anymore...reduced considerably by abput 95% - no pain..nothing else really!

12 so now my 8 weeks doesnt seem excessive. Was it constant bleeding the whole time or did it vary in flow?

Mine gets so light as some points that i think this is it finally stopping! But then comes back...its only when i wipe now for the last week really but i want to get back to normal!

Fresh01 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:23:10

I had prolonged bleeding with DC1. GP said it was only investigated further after 9 weeks. Varied bleeding levels. But referred for an ultrasound at 10 weeks. I had a tiny bit of “retained products” less than a thumb nail but my body was trying to flush it out. I had to get a D&C when she was 12 weeks to remove it. Bleeding stopped 2 weeks later.

With DC4 I felt awful after 3 or 4 weeks and went to GP saying I suspected “retained products” again. She said that or mastitis but gave me antibiotics, about 4 days later I passed a palm sized piece of “retained products” I had to get a check ultrasound to ensure all was clear and it was.

Given the smell it would be worth getting checked out.

Congratulations on no. 4 : )

robindeer Sun 11-Feb-18 01:08:16

It definitely varied in flow- I thought it had stopped altogether so many times I lost count. Not great when you think you can go without a pad! No idea in hindsight why it went on so long as I foolishly didn't get it checked out. I'm now 3wks post partum with ds2 and my midwife told me off for not telling the GP back then. I'm still bleeding off and on after this birth- I thought it had stopped about a week ago but then had quite a lot overnight when he was feeding a lot and it's been intermittent since then.

geologyrocks Mon 12-Feb-18 21:34:45

It stopped conpletly since my last post then when i went to the loo there I wiped pink mucus. I dont know whether to go to the doc for just this now

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