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VBAC or caesarean?

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Ohhgreat Wed 07-Feb-18 13:56:00

26 weeks pregnant and had my first 10 years ago EMCS under general. I have my first consultant appointment in a week. At least i thought it was consultant, having checked the time of the appointment today it is apparently with the VBAC midwife. Does anyone have any experiences with what this appointment is likely to involve?
Currently I'm completely undecided on whether to attempt VBAC or opt for ELCS. My caesarean recovery last time was straight forward and easy, but maybe my body that couldn't deliver normally when 10 years younger, much fitter and less overweight, could do it now? I actually have no idea what caused the caesarean last time, only that baby was back to back and they couldn't get the epidural to work. Any advice??

DuggeeHugs Wed 07-Feb-18 20:18:25

The appointments in my trust were pro-VBAC so I did my own research beforehand.

Have a look on the RCOG website at the pros, cons and risks for both options. I was shocked to discover that at 39, and having been unable to labour with DC1, my chance of a VBAC resulting in anal incontinence was 18%.

The Which? website also gives you the VBAC success rates for your hospital: This was a big factor in my decision

PoohBearsHole Wed 07-Feb-18 20:21:19

I had EMCS followed by vbac 2.5 yrs later. From my own experience the vbac was better.

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