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hypnobirthing - anyone recommend a teacher in central/south west london?

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miniegg Mon 30-Apr-07 19:04:45

I'm interested in hypnobirthing but am not sure where to begin finding a teacher. I have been onto the Mongon method website and there are lots of names and numbers but no details about the individuals - just email addresses.
Does anyone have any personal recommendations?
I'd be happy to pay for a private course or attend a class.

laughingtiger Wed 09-May-07 15:53:40

Hi miniegg
My husband is a hypnotherapist and he's worked with lots of women pre-birth- including me! Obviously i'm completely biased in thinking he's fab but he does seem to get a lot of positive feedback from clients. His name is Mike Bryant and he works out of several different clinics - one in Clapham Common, one in Baker St and one in Teddington. Let me know if you're interested and I'll tell you how to get in touch

twelveyeargap Sun 13-May-07 12:43:42

Try googling the names of the people listed on teh MOngan Method website for London. That's how I found my teacher, Patti Good. She tends to be North London for classes, but does do private practice in your own home (lot more expensive that way, though.) She's really lovely. Baby Journey with Patti Good

ReshmaHypnobirthing Mon 12-Nov-12 11:16:10

My name is Reshma and I used to teach from the Vitality centre in SW18, until very recently finding a new location.
After 7 years of teaching at the Vitality centre I decided to relocate up the road to Wimbledon, SW19 :-) I also teach from another location on Hampstead high street NW3, which I have also been teaching from for 7 years. Hypnoclinic are one of the first and top Hypnobirthing Specialists in the UK which I am very proud to share with you all. smile
My courses are fun and packed with lots of useful information and life transforming skills and techniques. You will leave feeling empowered not only for the birth but for other areas of your life too! Come and join onto one of my fantastic courses at either location where I'll provide a space for you to achieve a really calm and positive birth!
For further information and to receive a FREE download (in an English voice!) please visit or call me on 07939 925 302
I look forward to hearing from you!
Warm regards Reshma

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