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Elcs booked for 39+4 - what will happen if I go into labour earlier?

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WhyTheHeckMe Sun 04-Feb-18 13:42:45

Thanks for all sharing your experiences. I wonder what will happen then!?

I had an emcs with ds1 two years ago. After 14 hours his heartrate plummeted and he was barely breathing when he came out. It was an awful time and I wasn't allowed to see him for almost 2 hours after the birth.

When I met my consultant this time, she said I I wanted a vbac they'd support me but I would have to have pads on monitoring me the whole time and only let me labour for between 2-4 hours before taking me for emcs. So basically it didn't seem worth even trying!

I know I say I'm 39+4 but based on the dates of ovulation and sex I'm pretty sure I'll actually be 40 weeks dead on the day the csec is booked for. I went into labour with dc1 on my due date and I know a lot tend to start a bit earlier second time around which is why I'm now wondering.

I do want an elcs as I found it so traumatic last time but I just hope I'm not waiting around ages if I do go into labour beforehand! But also will understand if emcs get prioritised before me :-)

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Orangepear Sun 04-Feb-18 11:56:58

Mine was booked for 40+1 as they had no space. I went into labour the day before and went straight to hospital, they put me on the monitor for a while as the consultant didn't believe I was in labour, and by the time I was examined I was 7cm so they asked if I was sure I wanted a CS, then whisked me into surgery. The surgeon told me a CS is riskier when you are already in labour because you are still contracting even with the spinal block, which I hadn't realised.

MustBeThursday Sun 04-Feb-18 11:55:52

I had a section at 39+1 in a similar situation - booked at hospital no longer did ELCS but would admit me for an EMCS if I went into labour.

If you presented in labour/waters broken, they would likely put you on the list for EMCS but urgent emergencies would take priority unless things were really progressing. It probably depends why you're having ELCS! DD2 was extended breech and big, I'd had a 3rd degree tear with DD1, plus hardly any staff there had actually delivered a breech baby, so they were very against attempting normal delivery. As it happened I lasted til the planned date.

LuchiMangsho Sun 04-Feb-18 11:47:03

You might have to wait for any other emergencies and then it will be your turn. Actually there was a lady with me who had turned up for her scheduled ELCS and there were so many emergencies that day that 30 hours later she was still waiting...(that was exceptional though!)

GeeKayChesterton Sun 04-Feb-18 11:42:12

Happened to me! ELCS as DD was breech - waters broke two weeks early and no one even mentioned natural delivery. The initial plan was to admit me overnight (was about 11pm when I arrived) and do CS first thing in the morning, but my contractions started getting fairly strong so they bumped me up and did it at 5am!

Thurlow Sun 04-Feb-18 10:25:26

I had an ELCS booked by choice rather than for medical reasons for DC2. I was told in my case they would try everything to get me in for a EMCS, but if they were swamped with actual emergencies then I would be bottom of the list, which was fair. Also if I turned up 8cm gone they'd have to go for a VBAC.

I was booked for an ELCS at 39+4 and ended up being bumped two days because they were so busy with emergencies. Not pleasant but it all went smoothly at 39+6. Luckily it happened then as I think DS was planning on making an appearance that day or the next anyway!

ChocolateButton15 Sun 04-Feb-18 10:16:01

The consultant will ask you about this. It's your choice really. My c section is booked for 39+ 4 too, I said I'd give it a go if I went into labour naturally before hand. They just said to call at any signs of labour/water breaking so sounds like if I go into labour before they would get me in asap to decide what's happening.

TolchockLovelyInTheLitso Sun 04-Feb-18 01:06:27

Depending on circumstances, they'd offer you the choice. I had ElectiveCS for DD2. Planned for 39w, went in to labour at 38+6. It wasn't a VBAC but planned CS due to PTSD after traumatic first labour. Got to hospital at 3cm dilated. Midwife asked if I'd like to proceed with vaginal delivery or CS. I was terrified it'd be like last time and chose CS, although as I was in established labour it was technically classed as an emergency rather than planned CS. It was great.

WhyTheHeckMe Sun 04-Feb-18 00:45:00

I'm only 30 weeks and yet to meet with my consultant to discuss this so just wondering from your experiences really.
My elcs is booked quite close to my due date which I am fine with, because the hospital I want (where I had my ds) no longer does elcs so I am booked in at a city hospital and hour from where I live.
I know if I go into labour earlier I'm allowed to go back to the closer hospital that I prefer, hence why I don't mind this scenario either.

I just wonder what will happen?
Will I be taken straight down or would they try and get me to try for vbac? Would they make me labour until I get closer if there is a 'queue' for csecs?
Just curious :-)

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