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Diamorphine and induction

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FlossyCat Fri 26-Jan-18 09:16:40

Morning, would anyone share their experience of having diamorphine during induction?
I’ve had two inductions with my two boys and only had Gas and Air with both, my second induction was much harder as I needed the drip. I’m booked in for induction tomorrow with my 3rd baby and reality is now kicking in, as I’m remembering how brutal the contractions were with the syntocinin drip. Just wondering whether I should ask for diamorphine this time, I don’t want pethidine (I was birth partner to a friend who had it and was very sick and spaced out) and I don’t want an epidural as I’d prefer to be in control.
Would appreciate hearing people’s experiences. I’m inclined to tough it out again as I’m worried about the effects on baby, so interested to know if diamorphine made your baby more sleepy?
Thanks x

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Sunshinesaz86 Fri 26-Jan-18 09:25:16

I had diamorphine however wasn't induced - but I did need the drip after he wouldn't come out after a long time pushing.
I thought it was great, however I was also a bit sick with it, but it made me go from feeling completely out of control pain wise (on the verge of asking for epidural) - to feeling less intense and I was able to stay in control until the end.

I'll be having it again this time around for sure.
Good luck tomoro I hope it all goes well 😊X

FlossyCat Fri 26-Jan-18 09:32:54

Thanks sunshine, do you think it had any effect on your baby? x

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DwangelaForever Fri 26-Jan-18 09:56:10

I had Diamorphine when I was induced but I wasn't fully in labour yet. My waters broke at 12am and they ended up giving me diamorphine about 1.30 as my contractions (back labour) were so strong they made me vomit. They gave me antinsickness tablet and diamorphine so I could get some sleep. I wasn't even in active labour til 4pm the next day. At that stage they said diamorphine would make the baby sleepy so wouldn't give me it again. I had gas and air only until they gave me an epidural!

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