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Has anyone delivered in Southmead? (Bristol)

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Karaa Wed 17-Jan-18 17:44:35

This is my first pregnancy, I'm having a little boy, due end of May this year.

At my 20 week scan I was told everything looked good apart, from my placenta was a little low.... so fingers crossed it moves upsmile

Providing my placenta moves up I am planning on delivering at Southmead, but at the Mendip Birth Centre as I would like a water birth. I know the Central Delivery Suite has birthing pools but after looking into both places i would rather deliver at Mendip as it seems like it has more of a calming environment (I have severe anxiety and dislike hospitals so I want the most relaxing labour possible... well as relaxing as labour can be lol). I've also seen pictures of the birthing rooms as well and they look lovely. A lot less clinical then what I've seen in other places. I probably will be going on a tour of Southmead as well just so I know what I'm going into as that will help my anxiety a lot, rather then feeling I'm going into the unknown smile

If any of you lovely lot have any experiences at Southmead please feel free to post below as I'd be very grateful xx

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laelti Wed 17-Jan-18 18:09:23

I haven't, but I am currently 37+4 and so will be any time over the next few weeks!
I'm also booked in the MLU, though I liked the fact you are on site with the main delivery suite just in case.

Have you booked your tour yet? I was rather unorganised and don't have mine until this Saturday!

I don't know if it's available to watch online anywhere but I think the last series of One Born Every Minute was filmed there too. Everyone I know who has delivered there has been very positive.

Karaa Thu 18-Jan-18 07:48:12

I haven't booked my tour yet, will probably book mine around 30 weeks as I have loads of holiday then (I'm 21+1 at the moment)

I do remember watching One Born Every Minute when they filmed at Southmead! I think the episodes are on 4oD so I might give them a watch as well

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user1499786242 Sun 21-Jan-18 08:58:35

Gave birth at southmead two years ago!
Went straight to the delivery suite as I was consultant led tho
But I can't fault the care I received there

Ward was pretty grim, but that's not exclusive to southmead, every maternity ward is pretty bad
Midwives were great tho!

Have moved now so won't be giving birth there again but if I hadn't re located I wouldn't hesitate to go there again!

Good luck!

birdling Sun 28-Jan-18 20:59:43

Southmead is great! I was admitted to the antenatal ward for 2 months, with pre eclampsia. The staff were amazing, they work so hard. The birth went wrong (no fault of the hospital) and I had a cat 1 c section. They got my baby out in 9 minutes and saved both my life and hers. My baby was cared for in Nicu, who were also fab.
I highly recommend Southmead.

lodybotion Sun 28-Jan-18 21:03:58

I have, MLU with pool was brilliant. Lights were dim and midwives helpful.
Had to go to main delivery suite at the end stages as it went a bit haywire (not fault of staff!) but the doctor was excellent, very efficient and I went to surgery soon after.

Yeah ward was pretty rubbish but that's to be expected when you're woken at all hours for feeding/medication/other people's babies on a busy ward!

laelti Fri 09-Feb-18 21:46:12

Hey @Karaa

My little one arrived at Southmead MLU on Wednesday. Midwives were lovely, felt very well looked after. Used the pool but he was born on dry land, baby needed a bit of help with oxygen after but benefit of being down the corridor from Delivery meant he was sorted just outside and back with me in 20 mins.

I was given a postnatal room rather than on the ward (not sure if I was just lucky it was quiet). Stayed two nights, really supportive of getting breast feeding started and running before you're sent home too.

Best of luck!

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