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Can you tell me your experiences of three caesareans quite close together?

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thefreakingflippingpo Sat 13-Jan-18 23:37:25

Had EMCS with DS in 2014. Then ELCS with DD in 2016. Now pregnant with another DS and will need another ELCS this year. So that's three caesareans in 4 years.

What was your experience? What kind of symptoms did you get? Any problems with your scar? How was recovery from the third and how did it compare to the first two?

After second CS I have not regained back as much muscle control as I had before. I feel it especially when I am trying to do a BM (sorry TMI) that I cannot "push" in the way I used to be able to. Have any of you had any experience of this?

Did you gain back your stomach muscles?

What have been the long lasting effects?

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