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When to know you're in labour

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jordimai Fri 05-Jan-18 05:10:54

I'm 27+6 weeks gone. The past few mornings I have been woke up early with major cramping, as if I had started my period for the first ever time. I've been feeling very sick & keep getting hot flushes and my stomach is tightening quite often, the cramping is only in the morning & maybe once in the evening. I keep feeling little twinges in my stomach & I was taken to A&E about a week ago due to sickness, diarrhoea, shakes and major pain in my abdomen, (to the point I was screaming in agony). I also noticed a pinkish colour in the toilet after going for a wee along with much more discharge than normal (sorry if too much info) and my back is killing. I don't know what to do as this is my first & I do not want to come across as a drama queen or over reacting!

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Hotpinkangel19 Fri 05-Jan-18 05:14:55

You need to be checked over, can you contact your hospital? Hope everything is okay x

jordimai Fri 05-Jan-18 05:20:36

Forgot to mention that I've been experiencing trouble sleeping, hence why I'm awake now & loose stools for the past week

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jordimai Fri 05-Jan-18 05:21:58

@Hotpinkangel19 I'm going to ring my midwife in the morning, I've had no sickness or pains through my whole pregnancy, up until now, so it's very worrying. Thank you x

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Hotpinkangel19 Fri 05-Jan-18 09:55:16

Hope everything is okay xxx

NinaManiana Fri 05-Jan-18 09:55:47

Sounds like braxton hicks, your body getting ready for childbirth. I had the exact same thing both times i went into labour for a few weeks before. Then on ‘the big day’ it just got more annd more intense. Both times i knew when i’d turned a corner and it was the real thing. Exciting! Good luck xx

NinaManiana Fri 05-Jan-18 09:57:17

Sorry i don’t know how to delete a post had misread and thought you were 37 weeks... hope all ok, bit worrying so early on

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